Precision Pro has been one of the main rangefinder companies on the market thanks to its quality and price point. Their rangefinders range from $199 to $320 which is a hell of a deal compared to other companies. You will be looking at $600 for something that might not have the same capabilities as a Precision Pro R1.

Precision Pro has just announced the NEW NX10 rangefinder. It has some upgrades that might make you think about switching your rangefinder. And Precision Pro offers free batteries for life!

The main question: How does it compare to its brother, the NX9 Slope?


One of the main features of the New NX1o is its customizable capabilities.

The Precision Pro NX10 has interchangeable “skins” which is the plastic part that wraps around the rangefinder. The unit comes with a stock white color skin but if you want anything different that matches your personality, it can be ordered for a $10 up-charge. Those who want something more can upgrade to limited-edition sets for an extra $20. Some of the limited-edition designs include No Laying Up, The Fried Egg, Random Golf Club and more. These popular designs will be released throughout the year so keep your eye out for these beauties. 

The Precision Pro NX10 weighs just one pound which makes it one of the lightest rangefinders on the market. It has a range of 900 yards, LCD display and six-times magnification. In addition, the NX10 offers:

  • Slope-adjusted distances 
  • External slope switch
  • Target acquisition technology – Makes it simple to lock on a target, even with shaky hands.
  • Pulse Vibration 
  • Magnetic Cart Grip 


The Precision Pro NX9 Slope has been on the market for a while but here’s a little refresher:

It comes with 6X magnification, Target Acquisition Technology (helps lock on to the target) and Pulse Vibration Technology (short burst to confirm the displayed distance is the flag) but it processes and displays information nearly twice as fast as the NX7 Pro.

Speed is relative in that once we reach the point where delineations are measured in 10ths of seconds, it’s unlikely golfers will notice a difference. As always, our Most Wanted rangefinder testing will have the final word but I fully expect the NX9 Slope to be noticeably faster than the NX7 Pro. The NX9 Slope has a magnet for those who like to attach it to their cart and it is sized to fit your hand comfortably.

But what are the differences between the NX9 and NX10?


The NX9 retails for $269.99 while the NX10 retails for $279.99. But where you see the NX10 beat out the NX9 Slope is the following:

  • The Precision Pro NX10 is a completely new design that focuses on durability and ease of use.
  • The build is much stronger and is one of the most durable rangefinders on the market.
  • It comes with a new LCD display with an improved layout and brighter display.
  • It’s a stronger and faster laser that outperforms the NX9 in rain and fog.
  • The built-in magnet is significantly stronger compared to the NX9.
  • The targeting system is improving and makes the NX10 exceptional at picking up the target, especially over 200 yards.


So which one should you choose? I would pay the extra $10 for the Precision Pro NX10 for the fun customization capabilities, let alone all the other upgrades compared to the NX9 Slope.

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Precision Pro NX10


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