Will Their Ever Be Another “Tiger Effect”?

Why are so many golfers leaving this game?  Why are people choosing other sports or hobbies over learning how to play golf?  Is it too expensive?  Is it too hard?  Why do young kids not want to learn to play?  Are they tired of the dress code and overall perceived stuffiness of the sport?   These are just some of the questions being asked by leaders in the sport in order to come up with some way to bring people back to golf.

Well a couple days ago I got some images and information about something Nike Golf might have up their sleeve they hope will solve this issue.  I have attempted to have this info confirmed by some Nike sources but to this point have gotten no comment back.  So these images and information below are only a speculation on whether or not this program will ever see the light of day.

But they are definitely interesting to say the least…

It is pretty much a consensus that more golfers are leaving the game then those taking up the sport.  So with numbers on the decline…all kinds of ideas and concepts are being tossed around regarding how to make golf more accessible for those that want to learn the sport.  And how to keep those around that are already playing.  Although most of this talk has been centered around groups like the PGA of America, PGA Tour, USGA, etc.  Could it actually be a golf club manufacturer that takes the lead in this “Mission”.  Well…from the the looks of these images and info it sure looks like Nike Golf thinks so.  And they might just be on to something.  They did do something similar to this in basketball back in 2007…so you never know.  It will be interesting.

The Mission: “The Second Coming Of Golf”

  • Details: With Nike Golf We Can Make Golf Fit You
  • Objective: Diversify Who The Average Golfer Is
  • Target: Anyone Who Has Tried The Sport or Is Thinking Of Entering The Sport
  • Solution: Create a place where golfers can be themselves – a sanctuary.  Nike Golf needs to utilize the existing equity of the Nike brand to break down barriers of entry in to golf, focusing primarily on the perceived image of the sport and its athletes.  Nike Golf will position itself as the golf brand that allows for individual expression instead of viewing golfers as boring, old, and conservative, we will show the consumer that Nike Golf allows everyone to convey their personal style and character.

nike second coming of golf

The Nike Swoosh Lights Up The Sky

Yes…those neon lights shaped like the “Nike Swoosh” you see on that golf course aren’t just a photoshop job.  If this story is true this is exactly what you will see when flying over the course.  So why light up the sky like a PBR sign in the back room of a dark lit local dive?  Well from what I have seen it is because they say it will attract those same golfers flying over and getting ready to land.  If they didn’t know what course they wanted to play while in town…they sure will now.

The Micro Site

Don’t know what this so called “Second Coming Of Golf” would be but from what we know now…you will be able to tell Nike what you want the “Second Coming Of Golf” to look like.  Golfers would have a say in everything…even the appearance of this so-called “Second Coming Of Golf”.  The micro-site would include an interactive timeline that included all the user concepts, designs and blueprints.  So basically don’t make it about us…they want to make it about you.

Nike Golf Facebook Page

This would be another dedicated area for golfers to have their ideas heard.   “WHAT DO YOU WANT THE FUTURE OF GOLF TO LOOK LIKE?”

The Future Of Golf Is Not A Club

To jump start the campaign it says that they will connect with influential bloggers by sending them the most advanced golf club they have to offer.  Sounds like they want the writers to speak about the new club and the new “Second Coming Of Golf” and what it stands for.  They want the world to first hear about the “Second Coming Of Golf” through the bloggers.

The Nike Cart – Gadgets & More Gadgets

No one will want to walk at the “Mission”. They think everyone will want to ride in a cart after they see the wide array of gadgets included with the ride.  GPS, iPad displays and Wi-Fi will all be included.  You will also be able to view the terrain in front of you with the “wireframe mode” available on screen.  You would also be able to choose from multiple personal caddies to help you pick the right club and line.  Yes even Yoda.

“The Mission” – Print Ads

This is an example of a print ad they say they will display.  The message…that Nike Golf does not care what kind of pants you wear or what kind of music you listen to.  They want you to make golf fit you.  No Dress Code…No Membership Required…Just Golfers!