Nike VR driver

UPDATE: Since we broke this story back in 7/08 the Nike VR irons have now become available for purchase. If you are interested in buying these irons click here.

Nike VR Irons 2009!

There have been a lot of rumors about what the new lineup of Nike Golf Clubs will be named and just as much curiosity about what they will look like. With previous names like Sasquatch and Sumo, you just know they are going to try to stay hip and fresh when it comes to naming the new sticks. And when your known for literally changing the shape of golf and making it not only square but canary yellow, you also know that they might have a little something up their sleeve when it comes to putting a little shock and awe into what they look like as well.

Both Tiger Woods and KJ Choi have been spotted playing the new wedge from the line…called the Nike VR Wedge. Both tried out a 60 Degree wedge from the new line.

Rumor Mill:

  • New Line will be called Victory Red or VR
  • Irons Released Fall 2008…New Driver Released Early 2009
  • 3 Sets of Irons (Blade Set, Combo Forged Set, Cast Players Set)
  • Mix-and-Match Irons
  • New Driver (Adjustable Loft and Lie or Adjustable MOI?)

SPOTTED: Are these the New Victory Red Irons or Nike VR Irons.

Nike VR Irons

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