Odyssey is releasing an arm-lock version of their 2-Ball Ten and some of you should be excited. No, not all of you need to be excited. Most of you should be content with the standard version of the Odyssey Ten that placed second in this year’s Most Wanted Mallet competition. The multi-material, high-MOI Ten putters are one of the year’s strongest mallet releases. Pros and amateurs alike are blissfully bagging Tens across the globe.

So who should be excited then?

Do you have a buddy who struggles putting with a standard-length putter? When you watch them putt, does it look like they are holding a live snake by the tail? Do they have more yips than a pail of Pomeranians? That’s who should be excited.

Arm-lock putting has long been viewed as the answer to the anchor ban. That ban all but removed brooms and bellies from the putting conversation. As necessity is the mother of invention, those with shaky shafts were forced to move to the arm.

It was a great thing for some golfers. Quite a few pros have made quite a bit of money with the arm-lock approach. Matt Kuchar was an early adopter, with Bryson and Webb grabbing lots of arm-locked lucre as well. For some players, securing the grip to the left forearm while putting was a godsend.

Those are the folks who need to take a look at this new offering from Odyssey.


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How Does the Odyssey Arm-Lock 2-Ball Ten Differ from Stock?

Basically, arm-lock putters are heavier, loftier and longer. You start with a Tour Lined 2-Ball Ten and then modify it for the arm-lock putting style.

Let’s start with the head. The head weight on the Arm Lock 2-Ball Ten is 385 grams, a 20-gram boost from the stock length. The loft jumps from 3 degrees  to 7 degrees. The increase in loft is not to make the ball launch higher. Instead, the extra loft is needed to make the loft at address 3 degrees after you lock the putter to your forearm.

For most people, the shaft will need to be longer to reach your right forearm. The Odyssey Arm Lock 2-Ball Ten will come in stock lengths of 40 and 42 inches.

Ultimately, all these modifications allow the putter to mesh with the arm-lock putting stance.

Not Their First, But it’s a Ten

This is not the first arm-lock putter that Odyssey has brought to market. When anchoring went away, they wanted to provide golfers with an alternative. Personally, I can’t even use an arm-lock putter to tamp down pitch marks, let alone make putts. For some, though, arm lock is the answer.

If you are curious, the Odyssey Arm Lock 2-Ball Ten will launch on June 17 with a price of $299. If you are struggling on the greens, arm lock may be something for you to check out. Remember, too, that this arm-lock putter has all the tech and design of the successful 2021 Ten line. It should be a solid arm-lock option.

Pre-order is available now at Callaway.com