What we do is different

At MyGolfSpy, logos don’t matter. Our job is to help you put the best performing products in your bag. We don’t want you spending a dollar unless it improves on what you already own. We will never betray your trust to promote any product or brand we don’t believe in. Period.

We always have and will continue to put the #ConsumerFirst.

We accept $0 advertising dollars from any of the major golf manufacturers. To help level playing field, we work with small and medium-sized brands, or companies with a small footprint in the golf industry that have a proven track record of performance, quality, and delivering on the promises they make to you, the golfer.

Not everybody makes the cut. You have to earn it. Brands featured on MyGolfSpy are here because they deserve to be.

What it Takes

The brands we work with must be committed to delivering golfers top-performing products, exceptional value, and outstanding customer service. If at any point, a brand fails to meet our expectations, it will no longer be featured on MyGolfSpy.

Sponsorship opportunities are limited to Most Wanted winners and other products we personally validate in our test facility.

We Will Not Compromise Our Values. EVER.

  • All sponsored content is written by the MyGolfSpy Editorial Staff (or one of our freelancers) and held to the same publishing standards as our organic content.
  • The brands featured in our stories are never allowed to edit or review content prior to publication.
  • Participation in MyGolfSpy testing, and the accolades that emerge from them, is NEVER part of a sponsorship package.

This is our promise to you: We will not compromise our values. Ever.