2012 PING Anser Irons

Most PING fans will admit they tend to have a weakness for every newly released club the brand launches.  That includes every wacky looking design the company has ever thought up…and lets be honest some of these clubs over the past few decades were pretty damn wacky looking.  But the one thing that they have produced decade after decade are golf clubs that flat out perform….no matter how crazy they looked at first glance.  So much so that the wackiness has been fully embraced by consumers…and they continue to sell like mad across the globe.

But you might have noticed that over the past couple years that their driver, fairway wood and hybrid designs have become more appealing, more mainstream, one might say more bad-ass looking.  They carry a much more stealthy-trendy look, and have begun to appeal to golfers outside the typical PING junky following.  PING has some of the most loyal followers of any golf brand and this newer more modern look has only grown that following.

Although many golfers might say that they still go by the saying “form follows function” when it comes to their irons designs.  While most brands are following the trend with black finishes and visible technology, PING continues to launch iron designs that are all about one thing: making an iron easy to hit…like close your eyes and still hit the ball straight kind of easy…almost like cheating that’s how easy.

Variable Stabilizing Bars

That takes us to the spy pic we have for you today of the soon to be released 2012 PING Anser Forged Iron.  The new iron features a a forged 8620 mild carbon steel head.  And a variable stabilizing bar, which is described by PING as:

“Stabilizing bars in the back cavity are wider and thinner in the long irons to locate the CG low for higher ball speed and initial launch angle. These bars get more vertical and are thickest in the short irons for penetrating ball flights with optimal spin. The bars also support the streamlined face design to help increase ball velocity for greater distance – especially in the longer irons.”

Let’s Hear It! – What do you think?

2012 ping anser irons