PuttOUT ramp and mirror

Bored of social distancing and the impact it’s having on your golf game? Try practicing at home with the new PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer. 

We’ve all been there. We’ve had a bad round of golf, not holed a thing and blamed the putter. It couldn’t possibly be you, could it? Therefore a new putter is the solution to all your putting woes. Right?

In all likelihood, it probably isn’t. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a new flatstick that you probably won’t get fitted for, so there’s about zero chance it will suit your stroke and help you hole more putts. You’re trying to buy putting nirvana when it’s practice that will help you achieve Zen on the greens.

Less than $40 will get you a PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer, helping you hone that putting stroke with all that extra time you’re spending at home these days.

Have you tried a PuttOUT?

PuttOUT released the original Pressure Putt Trainer four years ago and they’ve sold more than 400,000 units. Now known as the Classic Pressure Putt Trainer, it wasn’t broken so they haven’t had to fix it. 

Two things stood out about the original model.

Trying to get a perfectly struck putt to stay in the micro target was such a devilish tease that it made you want to try and try again.

The other thing was that it looked great. Lots of stuff in golf is engineered brilliantly. For example, it takes a lot of engineering effort to get you hitting that PING G425 driver longer and straighter than you have ever driven the ball before. But the design verges on brutalism. On the other hand, PuttOUT complements your decor with a style more reminiscent of a classic Eames chair. This is not your grandpa’s battery-powered ball returner. London-based Therefore Design Consultants have created a form that has real appeal. 

Rather than a sweeping overhaul, the PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer has been refined further to help make it even more useful.

PuttOUT ramp and mirror

What has PuttOUT added?

If you’ve ever hung around the practice green at a PGA TOUR event, chances are you’ll have seen someone using the “string drill.” Putting under the string helps with alignment and the path of the stroke. But it’s really difficult to peg that string into a carpet at home. So the major addition to the PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer is an alignment-stick holder at the top of the ramp. Designed to work with your current alignment sticks, PuttOUT do have their own solution coming shortly. So this is a good time to point out that PuttOUT design their training aids to be modular, working well on their own but with added benefits when used together. 

Another small but significant change is the addition of three mid-way dot targets. Not only do they provide something easier to focus on, they also help account for the break when you’re putting on an uneven surface. 

The final major change was to the all-important Micro Target. It’s always been tricky to hit that perfect putt but testing found some golfers found it difficult to see in its original fold-down form. The Pop Down target is permanently visible, making that treacherous test just a touch fairer. 

PuttOUT ramp and mirror

There’s more help where that came from

Launching at the same time as the PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer Premium is the PuttOUT Compact Putting Mirror. Another runaway success, PuttOUT have sold more than 120,000 of their Putting Mirror and Gate sets. But feedback from PGA TOUR players, coaches and product ambassadors resulted in a smaller version perfect for those pre-round warmups and small enough to pop into the golf bag. 

The PuttOUT Compact Mirror gives feedback on aligning the putter face, ball position and eye position and, if used regularly, should help build consistency into your routine. It’s lightweight at 80 grams and comes with a resealable canvas bag to prevent damage. 

Under pressure?

There are hundreds of thousands of words written about the latest and greatest putters because “new and shiny” instantly grabs the attention of most golfers. Yet a simple, well-designed training aid such as the PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer has the potential to lower your scores far more than that new and shiny putter ever will. 

What do you think of the improvements PuttOUT have made. Are they enough to make you upgrade your home practice setup?

PuttOUT Premium Pressure Options, Price and Availability

The PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer Premium is available starting today for $39.99. It’s available in four color options: Coral Red, Lime Green, Stone Grey or my own personal favorite, the certifiably fresh Mint Blue. 

The Compact Mirror is also available today and it retails at $29.99.

PuttOUT Premium Pressure Trainer

PuttOUT Premium Pressure Trainer



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