I guarantee you or someone you know gamed the classic Titleist 975D.

Ring a bell?

It was in Tiger’s bag when he won Tiger Slam. It was David Duval’s choice the year he became world No. 1. To this day, it remains one of the best-selling drivers of all time. The catch? They stopped making them in 2001.

Yes, it’s been 21 years.

Today, we’re launching our brand-new YouTube series, Retro Golf, where we take some of the game’s most nostalgic clubs and put them head to head with today’s high-tech releases.

Episode 1? The 975D versus Titleist’s flagship release for 2023: the TSR.

We tested for total distance, ball speed and carry for high, mid and low swing speeds. The results? You might just discover that club collecting dust in your garage is worth more than you think.



2023 Titleist TSR vs. 1998 Titleist 975D


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