Winner Announced! - Congrats To Gary just won something very cool!

Exclusive Giveaway!

Earlier today on MyGolfSpy the first round of new releases of the 2013 RIFE putter brand was launched.  We also hinted that you might want to consider coming back to the site at 2 PM EST because, "Someone would be winning something VERY cool!"

We also told you that while those first designs we gave you a sneak-peek of would pay homage to some of RIFE's past putter designs it was only starting to scratch the surface of what the new designer has in store for the RIFE Nation of years past, present and future.

So with that being said, today we are doing an exclusive giveaway you will not see anywhere else.  Today, someone is going to get the chance to win the very first and never before seen RIFE Hero Z Gold Putter.

Win! - The Very 1st RIFE Hero Z Gold Putter

Now I told you some golfers might not be ready for what is in store with some of his desgins.  Don't worry, you will always be able to get some of the more traditional designs RIFE has been known for, that will continue to be a staple of their business.  But their new designer John Bergquist has much more to offer and a ton of radical designs up his sleeve.

So if you want to see what the future of putter design might look like, it might just start here.  Let's face it, anyone can re-design an Anser putter, but the stuff I have seen in the works from Bergquist might just blow that mold in to dust it deserves to be blown in to.

I have been waiting for a day like this for years, for a big brand name to step outside of the comfort zone the consumer has so long been stuck in when it comes to putter designs and begin to move in to the future.  Like I have always said, we demand technology and design to move forward constantly in every other category in the golf equipment world, it's time for the same to happen to the putter industry.  So kudos to Bergquist and RIFE, I applaud you.

How To Enter

Entering this contest couldn't be easier.  So make sure you get your entry in today for a chance to win something no one else owns.

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