• Salted Smart Insoles have updated their app.
  • The new additions include a putting feature.
  • Retail price is $229.99. Now $159.99

We stumbled on Salted Smart Insoles in October of 2020 and were blown away with their technology. The Smart Insoles provide a lot of data on weight pressure, distribution and how to use the ground effectively. This could be the golden ticket to shoot lower scores for every golfer on the market.

Who Remembers Smart Salted Insoles?

A year ago, we tested the Salted Smart Insoles which are “force plates” that fit inside your golf shoes. If you’re unfamiliar with force-plate technology, imagine a mat or platform loaded with sensors that, for golf purposes, measures how your weight shifts during a swing. In simple terms, during your swing, your body weight can shift from one foot to the other. These changes in weight can be measured in percentages and, when used in the right way, can teach you how to use the ground and transfer weight correctly.

Now Salted has gone one step further with a putting system and has updated their application (which was OK at best).

What’s New?

The putting section in the updated app allows you to see real-time weight distribution. It reveals if a narrow or wider stance can help you keep weight distribution centered throughout the stroke. It might not seem like much but it’s a great addition to an already excellent product.

Previously, the application that came with the insoles in 2020 left a lot to be desired. However, the new software update is a lot more user-friendly and laid out in an easier, more functional manner. You can compare your swing or putting stroke to a Tour professional which isn’t new but it’s a great way to learn and improve your own swing/stroke.

How Can This Help Me Improve?

Everyone wants to hit the ball further. But most golfers don’t know how. A huge part of hitting dingers is by using the ground. You can do this by pushing into the ground and having the correct weight transfer while swinging.

Think of Rory Mcllroy. He’s only 5’9″ and bombs the sh*t out of it. A huge portion of his distance is because he uses the ground with every shot. What I mean is that on his backswing, he transfers about 80 percent of his weight to his right side before he starts his downswing. When he starts the transition to his left side, he pushes into the ground with both legs (“squatting”) for the most part and, at impact, he extends his legs to get as much vertical force out of the shot as possible. His balance is perfect every time and he finishes his swing with most of his weight on his left side. Take a look below to see what I’m talking about.

Everyday golfers find it hard to understand what using the ground feels like but Salted Smart Insoles provide instant feedback to understand what using the ground feels like. The insoles have great graphics that show your vertical pressure and weight transfer.

A lot of golfers tend to slice the ball off the tee. One reason for the slice is that they finish with their weight on the right side instead of the left (right-handed golfer). With the Smart Insoles, you can see instantly if your weight distribution is correct by finishing with 90 percent of your weight on the left side. This will ensure you’re getting the most out of your swing and hitting dingers.

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Who Needs Salted Smart Insoles?


These insoles are for golfers of all abilities.  It’s really easy to learn what your weight is doing by using the visuals you get via the app. It even gives you vertical pressure when you hit the ball. All of this data is provided live but can be recorded so that you can see where in your swing or stroke your weight starts to shift. If you don’t quite understand the data, there are videos of professionals and teachers telling you what you need to do. You can also send the videos to your coach. How good is that?

Another great feature is the ability to set personal goals and get progress reports to help you reach them.

You can also use the same insoles for other aspects of your life outside of golf. For example, you can use the same insoles for lifting weights, running and correcting your balance. You just have to download the specific app and you’re off and running (or lifting or golfing or …).

Pricing and Availability

After testing the insoles the first time in 2020, along with the new application update and putter add-on, I would buy this without question. The device can really help you improve your game and start hitting dingers. Plus, for $159.99, you get incredible feedback on how to use the ground effectively. The Smart Insoles provided me with the same vertical and lateral pressure feedback as a high-end force plate.

If you’re still on the fence about purchasing these … Why? The insoles are multi-purpose and can be used for other activities. There aren’t many products that come through our HQ that catch my eye as much as these. So start using the ground like Rory Mcllroy and join the “treefiddy” club.

Get them TODAY and start using the ground effectively.

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