COVID-19 has saddled golf equipment manufacturers and their retailers with an excess of inventory so you shouldn’t expect to see much in the way of new product any time soon. Releases like the TaylorMade MyMG2 wedge are more in line with what you should expect for the next little while.

One-off, limited-edition and other custom program releases is our short-term future. That’s not to say TaylorMade’s MG2 is an only because of COVID offering. Given that MyHI-Toe, MySpider and MySpider X offerings already exist, it’s a safe bet MyMG2 was already in the pipeline. There’s no impact on the retail channel so there’s nothing to be gained by waiting.

TaylorMade MG2 Wedge Tech

As you’d expect, the TaylorMade MyMG2 offering builds upon the retail offering. You still get the milled sole which, as we’ve discussed previously, adds a bit of precision, giving manufacturers greater consistency from one club to the next.

You also get TaylorMade’s ZTP Raw grooves (sharper, deeper and narrower than TaylorMade’s previous wedge groove) along with Raw Face Technology.

Raw implies rust. However, the myth that rust adds spin has been debunked so it’s worth pointing out a sometimes overlooked detail in the MG2 design. TaylorMade says its Raw Face will rust only on the portion of the face between the score lines. The implication is that the grooves themselves shouldn’t rust. So, in theory, you get the look of rust on the face without the negative impact on groove geometry.

TaylorMade MyMG2 Wedge Options

What you may appreciate about the MyMG2 offering is that the options go beyond custom stamping what’s already in the marketplace. The current retail lineup is available in lofts from 50 to 60 degrees with two finish options (Black and Chrome).

While you do lose the low-bounce options across the board, the MyMG2 offering adds a 48-degree option along with two new finishes:

Cobalt Nickel provides a premium look and reduced glare at address.

RAW will rust over the entire head, not just on the face. It’s a look preferred by many tour players. Not that you asked, but I think it just looks dirty.

Stamping, Logos and Colors

In total, the TaylorMade MyMG2 Wedge program allows you to select among four finishes, seven loft/bounce combinations (lefties are limited to three), five text and logo stamping options (six, if you count none), and 13 paint-fill colors.

The logo selection is a bit odd, perhaps slightly random, but with enough creativity, there’s plenty of fun to be had with a Drumstick, Sunglasses Mustache, a Cactus and the 23 other options.

As should be the case with any custom offering, a selection of shafts and grips is also available.


It’s reasonable for any brand to limit custom options so it’s hard to find much fault with the TaylorMade MyMG2 program although lefties will gripe about the especially limited selection, even if they’re accustomed to it by now.

Perhaps nitpicking a bit, what with set lofts growing ever-stronger, but I would have liked to see a 46-degree option. Shaft and grip options – nine and six, respectively – are also a little light for a custom program.

That’s not to say there are any dealbreakers; mostly, it’s just but, I want…kinda stuff.

The TaylorMade MyMG2 Wedge sells for $225. For more information or to design your wedge, visit the TaylorMade MyMG2 website.