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Yes 25-30 More Yards!

Yes…25-30 more yards off the tee in 5 years is a bold statement and most would say…”Your crazy!” Your probably thinking…with all the USGA limitations on factors that effect distance being implemented…”How do you expect to get more yardage of the tee?”

Well I have actually been discussing this exact topic with a couple designers in the last week or so and we all agree that there are ways to do it…and lots of them.

Millions Of Ways To Get More Distance

For years designers only looked at the actual head when they thought about how to get the extra yardage of the tee…but like Sean Toulon at TaylorMade says in the video…we now see the driver on a more hollistic level…meaning…all aspects of the driver are to be considered when trying to achieve more distance.

There are literally millions of combinations between all the shafts, grips, flexes, launch angles, ball spins, ball speed…all which effect how far you hit your driver off the tee. This is apparent by the effects launch monitors have had on the game. But there is still more to be done. What I mean is…all we are doing presently is simply putting different heads on shafts and checking the launch monitors for the results. This does help.


There are so many more ways that have yet to be discovered that can get you more yardage and still not go past any USGA limitations. Distance can be explained by a pretty simple math equation for distance. And if you look at ways to effect this simple math equation you start to see a bigger picture emerge. For example one way they are effecting distance without being limited by the USGA is making you swing faster. No we don’t mean making you stronger so you can…but by making the club go faster…without you changing anything about your swing. Yes…you change nothing and still hit the ball farther. This is just one simple example…but you are going to start seeing many other ways you can acheive distance that the USGA is going to have not as much control over. No matter how good big they build there wall club designers will figure out a way to either go over or through it.

The Video: That Talks About those 25-30 yards

The video features Sean Toulon, TaylorMade Golf’s Executive Vice President of Product and Brand Creation. Sean actually gives you a lot of insight into the development of a golf club at TaylorMade.

Some of the Topics Covered:

  • Why TaylorMade Makes So Many Drivers
  • Why The R7 Was Even Made
  • How They Became the #1 Driver on Tour in 2 Weeks
  • How They Became #1 Driver on European Tour in 1 Day
  • Where They Are Goin in The Future
  • And……How They Think You Can Get 25-30 More Yards in the Next 5 Years!