The EVNROLL line of putters has been a strong performer in our annual Most Wanted Testing since the day it launched. Guerin Rife and his team have pushed the limits of putter technology with their patented face grooves. From the ER9 Putter that touted 10,000 MOI, to the Tour Stroke trainer, Guerin has spent his career developing technologies to help golfers sink more putts.

Outside the box thinking is kind of his thing.

At the 2019 PGA Show, we stopped by the EVNROLL booth to check out Guerin’s latest invention – the Gravity Grip.  With a 10″ steel rod placed one-half inch below the shaft and inside the grip, the grip is designed to provide a more direct link between the putter face and the golfer’s hands. According to Rife, “by tying the hands to the putter face, [it] promotes keeping the putter’s face angle square through the entire hitting area.”

Our Sam Robinson put the EVNROLL Gravity Grip to the test. We used a Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor and the Essential Putting Module to better understand how the Gravity Grip influences the putting stroke.

Watch the video below to see our findings!