A few times a month we dish out some of the best deals in golf, specially curated for our readers. This time we thought we’d branch out from the norm and work on a list of things that might help you continue to safely socially distance and stay at home. Some are golf related, some are pandemic inspired. All of them are things golfers (and non-golf regular people) are buying during the pandemic and we’ve gathered them for you here.

The 16 Best Products Golfers Didn’t Know They Need in Quarantine

1. PGA Tour 2K21

Quarantine is the perfect time to try out your gaming skills. For golf enthusiasts, PGA Tour 2K21 is loaded with all your favorite tour courses so it’s almost like the real thing? Close enough. It’s on preorder so be one of the first to try!




2. PutterBall- Beer Pong for Golf

Island! PutterBall is made for social distancing. It’s beer pong, minus the community beer cups and plus a golf club. It’s a perfect no contact skill game to share with your buddies (from 6 feet away) or ditch the drinking component and challenge the kids. No re-racks though, house rules.



3. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Netflix, Gmail, Zoom, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Hulu… our eyes are in digital overload in quarantine. Don’t forget that your eyes are consuming much more than television shows and tweet threads. Block blue light and binge safely fellow bingers.


4. USB Microphone

Whether it’s Zoom work-from-home meetings or a digital happy hour with friends, make sure you’re coming through loud and clear. Heck, start a podcast while you’re at it. NoPuttsGiven welcomes the competition.



5. Ring Light Tripod with Cell Phone Holder

If you’re going to sound professional on your Zoom calls, you should have professional lighting too. And we’ll let you in on a little secret.. ring lights are the primary ingredient for a perfect insta-influencer selfie. Go ahead, fill our timelines with your well lit mug shots.




6. Floating Pool Golf

If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball. Eh that’s not right. How about, “if you can hit a floating target you can certainly improve your skills on a stationary target”. Be it a training aid or a frustrating game you’re determined to perfect, this floating pool chipping green is a great summer quarantine activity.




7. Instacart

It’s as easy as ordering pizza. Download the app, upload your grocery list, wait an hour and poof! Groceries on your doorstep. Well, maybe not poof exactly.. an awesome personal shopper goes shopping for you and does everything except put the items in your fridge. So if you’re at increased risk or simply want to limit your exposure give Instacart a try. Don’t forget to tip your shopper.



8. Spornia Hitting Net

Verified by MyGolfSpy as one of the best hitting nets on the market, you can turn your backyard or basement into a driving range or chipping green.



9. BagBoy Nitron Push Cart

Depending on the rules of your state or local course, you might have to walk if you want to play a round. Get the bag off of your back and save your strength for your swings.



10. Kindle Paperwhite

We’re all re-visiting hobbies that were often pushed away as a victim of our busy lives. There’s no better time to crack open a good book… or access it digitally. Dig into a real page turner.. or page swiper.. on a Kindle.



11. DIY Gift Card

Now’s the time to tackle the honey-do list. No one can come over to see it, but you’ve got the time to get your house in tip top shape.


12. Gardening For Dummies

Another way to reduce your exposure.. grow your own backyard crops! Easier said than done. Not to worry, the “For Dummies” people have you and your future green thumb covered. You can even download it on the Kindle you bought in item number 10.



13. Adjustable Dumbbell Sets

Get on the Bryson training regiment. Everyone’s doing it. Maybe you’re not looking to drive the ball 340 yards. These are guaranteed noodle-arm eliminators (if you lift them and put them back down multiple times).


14. Personal Launch Monitor

This one lasts beyond quarantine, but you can use a personal launch monitor to dial-in your game with data. Come out of quarantine and smoke all of your friends on the course.



15. Roomba

If your housekeeper can’t break quarantine to scrub your house with a nice human touch, consider hiring a robot.



16. Peloton

The Christmas ad was somewhat controversial, but 2020 is a different world. A Peloton as a quarantine gift?! Heck yeah. The Quarantine 15 (25) is real man! Feel free to be a “little nervous but excited” about this.



What type of deals would you like to see? Let us know.