Normally we hear the term “JDM” (Japanese Domestic Market) discussing the automotive space. True golf gearheads, however, will also know that it also applies to Japanese golf clubs. Japan is the second-largest golf market in the world. As such, Japan is home to many brands we don’t hear much about, but it’s not due to lack of performance.

In Japan, the first place golfers look for new equipment is GOLF Partner. GOLF Partner is not only the largest golf retail chain in Japan, but is the largest in the world. Through, GOLF Partner makes thousands of new and used JDM clubs easily available to global buyers. Let’s explore a few of these offerings with five great options for JDM irons that aren’t available in the USA.

#1 Mizuno EURUS G6

Mizuno is certainly no stranger to topping irons lists. After all, the brand thoroughly dominated 2021 MOST WANTED PLAYER’S DISTANCE IRON testing among others. Two persistent thoughts in the minds of golfers, however, is that Mizuno irons tend to be a bit pricey and target highly-skilled golfers. In Japan at least, Mizuno answers both of these thoughts with the EURUS line.

EURUS clubs are available from driver through to putter and offer high-quality clubs to newer golfers at a reasonable price. And affordable new clubs generally translate as very-affordable used clubs. With the EURUS line, GOLFPartner’s secondary market as full iron sets can be found for under $500. For this price, you obviously aren’t getting forged heads, but cast. The club features a deep cavity back and low CG to be forgiving and get the ball up into the air. Additionally, the clubs are only available in a lightweight (59.5 gram), graphite shaft to help slower swing speed golfers gain a few yards. If you want the Mizuno logo in your bag, but are worried about the dollars or swing required of US offerings, then the EURUS G6 irons might work for you.



#2 Yamaha inpres UD+2

The inpres UD+2 irons from Yamaha are a Super Game-Improvement club unavailable in the US. It’s designed to produce high trajectory and long-distance as well as forgiveness. The distance and trajectory come from what Yamaha calls “Speed Ribface” construction, allowing for a thinner face.

There are two shaft options with the inpres UD+2 irons, an ultralight Fujikura Speeder option (47.5gram) and NS Pro Zelos 7 steel shafts. Even the steel shafts still weigh in at just 77 grams, so these irons are best for slower swing speeds.



#3 GOLFPartner NEXGEN6

As mentioned in the Top 5 JDM Drivers list, GOLFPartner distributes their own house brand of clubs – NEXGEN. The NEXGEN6 irons are the latest models available. Similar to the NEXGEN6 driver, GOLFPartner highly touts the proprietary E.I.F. (energy inertia force) shaft. The claim is that the ultra-high kickpoint will allow slower swinging golfers to “bend the shaft like professionals.” Conceivably, this could lead to better ball speeds and distance.

Beyond that, the NEXGEN6 irons feature a deep cavity for added forgiveness and a clean overall look. They are definitely an option for those looking for a set that no one else in their foursome will have.


#4 Bridgestone TOUR BX-CBP

Sometimes a JDM club may have been sold in the US, it is simply difficult to find. That is likely the case with the TOUR BX-CBP irons from Bridgestone. Golfers who have moved beyond game improvement clubs, but don’t want to make the jump to forged blades should take a look. With minimal offset and a thin topline, the TOUR BX-CBP irons give a strong “player’s iron” look at address. Toe-heel perimeter weighting offers decent forgiveness while a SAE 8655 Chrome molybdenum steel face produces a soft feel at impact.



#5 Srixon ZX5

This one is cheating a bit because Srixon sells the ZX5 irons in the US, but by the numbers they are also the most popular irons on the GOLFPartner USA website. This popularity makes sense given the buzz these irons have generated. Many golfers have found the ZX5 irons to truly check all the boxes: distance, forgiveness, and forged feel. In fact, the only problem with the ZX5 might be getting your hands on them. With new clubs frequently out of stock and custom builds encountering long lead times, the used market on these clubs are hot as well. Since GOLFPartner has several quality options in stock, it might be the best way to get a set from a trustworthy source.


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