Some of you could recite his stats by heart.

  • 82 wins
  • 15 professional majors
  • 3 U.S. Amateurs
  • 3 U.S. Junior Amateurs
  • $121 million in career earnings

Yep – Tiger is good!

For the past 25 years, we’ve watched Tiger dominate on some of the toughest courses in the world. If you’re anything like me, you’ve asked yourself, “How good would Tiger be at my course from my tees?”.

Recently, a good friend asked me an interesting question: “If tour players entered their scores just like we do, what would their USGA handicap index be?”  I ran the numbers and it was eye-popping.

Tiger being my favorite player, I naturally gravitated towards his numbers. In a 25-round stretch in 2008, Tiger achieved an unadjusted index of +9.4. Adjusting for tour conditions, his index was roughly +12 over that stretch.


This got me wondering: What would Tiger shoot from the “member” tees at my home course? The course I play is a par 70 at 6,034 yards from the white tees (rating = 69.7, Slope = 120).

The Methodology

We can estimate what Tiger would shoot at my course using the differentials from each of Tiger’s 25 rounds. It is not a perfect science but it provides a reasonable estimate.

In addition to my course, we looked at the home course of a MyGolfSpy staff member as well as the home courses of a few readers selected at random.

@LouStagner – Burlington Country Club

The course I play (Burlington Country Club) is a par 70 and is 6,034 yards from the member tees. It has a rating of 69.7 and a Slope of 120. Tiger’s numbers at my course would have been incredible. His average score would have been 59.2, with 14 of 25 rounds under 60! That is so hard to wrap your mind around.

@GolfSpyT- McGregor Links CC

MyGolfSpy’s own Tony Covey plays out of McGregor Links Country Club in Gansevoort, NY. It is a par 72 that plays 6,349 yards with a rating of 70.9 and a Slope of 129. This track is a bit tougher than mine. Tiger would have managed 59.8 with ONLY 11 of his 25 rounds under 60. Don’t’ sweat it, Tiger. McGregor kicks everyone’s tail.

@tmarkey11 – 7 Lakes Golf Club

With a course rating of 70.3 and a slope of 135, 7 Lakes Golf Club – @tmarkey11’s home course is a bit more difficult than Burlington and a bit more challenging than McGregor. Still, Tiger is on perpetual 59 Watch and never shoots higher than 64, with 14 of his rounds under 60.

@deshenaut1 – Valley View Golf Club

Tiger absolutely obliterates @dshenaut1’s home course, Valley View Golf Club. At just over 6,000 yards, it’s the shortest of the courses we looked at. At 68.6/116, it’s the easiest as well. The projections have Tiger carding 55 (twice!) and never shooting worse than 62. Maybe don’t press that nassau.

@akhomes57 – Trilogy Golf Club

Finally, there’s Trilogy Golf Club, where @akholmes57 plays. It has a course rating of 69 and a Slope of 122. Like Valley View, Tiger manages 17 rounds under 60, 55 is in play again but that 63 is a heartbreaker.

Not surprisingly, my projections suggest that, from the member tees, Tiger would eat most any average golf course alive. Should Tiger ever stroll up to the first tee at your course, I strongly suggest you negotiate a few more strokes than you think you need!