The Ultimate Putter Buyer's Guide Launches New Putter Guide With Special Pricing for MyGolfSpy Readers

As this post goes live the doors at Website are opening again for readers truly interested in finding out the age old riddle of How To Become A Better Putter.

When the The Ultimate Putter Buyer's Guide first launched I was really impressed by what Sean and the guys at had put together. They didn’t just rely on their experience in the putter industry, they also sought out expert advice from veteran putter designer Andre Shmoldas currently with SeeMore Golf - between them they put a ton of work into developing a teaching guide that really empowers you with the knowledge to becoming the best putter you can possibly be. It's an amazing value to golfers looking to improve at putting.

Bonuses for MyGolfSpy Readers

Sean is offering the first 100 guests that purchase the guide a special deal of only $3.99. You will need to use the following CODE: (GolfSpy) when purchasing the guide to qualify for this special price.

Table Of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - What Should You Pay For A Putter?
  • Chapter 2 - Types Of Putters
  • Chapter 3 -Putter Balancing (And Why Your Stroke Matters)
  • Chapter 4 - The 3 L's (Length, Loft, Lie)
  • Chapter 5 - Putter Feel
  • Chapter 6 - Putter Weighting
  • Chapter 7 - Putter Alignment Aids
  • Chapter 8 - Putter Materials and Technologies
  • Chapter 9 - Putter Buying Tips
  • Chapter 10 - Parting Shot

I would definately recommend the guide and at less then $4 bucks you really cannot go wrong. Hell you spend that much on a bucket of balls and we all see where one bucket of balls has gotten us. So go check out the The Ultimate Putter Buyer's Guide and make sure to put in the CODE: (GolfSpy) so you can get the discounted rate.

The Ultimate Putter Buyer's Guide by Sean Weir/