Secret Shots: Versus Golf Prophecy Driver

Today is a good day at MYGOLFSPY! We have gotten some "secret shots" and "insider's scoop" of some of the coolest most kick ass clubs expected for 2009. We will be releasing them all over the next couple weeks so stay tuned...or just sign up for the latest MYGOLFSPY NEWS and you can become a golfspy too.

This teaser we are releasing in this post is the best driver we have seen yet for 2009...yes even better then the Titleist 909. And it comes from a company that you might have never heard of...Versus Golf. You might remember the secret pictures we got of the irons they will soon be releasing in the previous article TOP SECRET: Versus Golf New Designs - Launches in 30 Days!

"Top Secret" Technology Inside The Crown

This driver is packed with all kinds of new technology. Versus Golf has a proprietary "SX Technology" which stands for Shaft Exchange. But inside the crown is the real "Top Secret" stuff, so secret that we cannot even release it yet. But our source will be getting us the scoop on this soon. All he can say is that it will create the perfect acoustics and feel...something you have never seen or felt in any other driver.

versus prophecy driver

versus prophecy drivers

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