PXG founder Bob Parsons joins us today with his take on the future of golf retail and how PXG is adapting their approach to selling clubs.

  • 0:52 – An unorthodox approach to golf ads
  • 3:40 – Some retailers are reportedly charging customers to demo clubs
  • 11:29 – Could the solution be as simple as providing demo sets?
  • 19:08 – Does PXG have what it takes to be #1?
  • 24:39 – What does the game of golf look like in a year?
  • 30:32 – What’s PXG doing differently than the big 5?
  • 38:33 – The origin of “Parsons Xtreme Golf”
  • 39:44 – Bob’s favorite club & his philanthropic efforts
  • 45:07 – Ask Bob: What was your most difficult business venture?

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