RT Technologies Shaft Review


Congrats to DL!  You are the winner of this RT Technologies Zues LT Shaft. You lucky dog.


One of the best things about writing for MyGolfSpy is that I’m usually one of the first to know about awesome new products, and I get to share them with you, the readers.  Sometimes, however, it’s a reader who introduces me to something awesome.  Such is the case with RT Technologies shafts: I had never heard of them until MGS forum legend JMiller posted about them.

What makes RT Technologies special? The “RT” stands for “rigorously tested” and they mean it: every shaft that is sent out is within 2 CPM from shaft to shaft and within 1 CPM in a 360* rotation (meaning it won’t feel or play differently if you change the orientation in your adjustable driver).  It’s also a company that has had tour validation: 3 majors and 22 total tour titles plus hundreds of top 5 and top 10 finishes.

Intrigued?  I’d sure hope so.

RT Technologies Shaft Review

Notes, Feel, Price, and Miscellaneous

The shaft that I tested is the Zeus LT Tour Prototype.  It weighs in at 68 grams, is offered in stiff and x-flex, and has a torque rating of 3.2.  It has a mid/high bend or kickpoint and is billed as a low spin shaft.  RT Technologies does offer a family of other models in various weights and profiles which you can see on their website.

Aesthetically, the Zeus is a bit bland.  There’s a shiny burnt orange section near the grip that fades into a chrome/silver color.  The logo is fairly minimal, and it can be easily hidden as it doesn’t wrap around the shaft.  This focus on performance over paint will sorely disappoint the parking lot pros.

When it comes to feel, the Zeus is unlike any low spin shaft I’ve tested…and I’ve tried some good ones.  Low spin shafts tend to feel boardy.  The very best steer clear of feeling like a telephone pole, but they rarely have much kick.  The RT Zeus, however, kicks like a mule.  It’s not a torque-y, “whippy” feel whatsoever, just a really nice, stable kick.  Obviously this is subjective, but I think the Zeus LT is the best feeling low spin shaft out there.

The Zeus retails through the RT Technologies website for $220.

RT Technologies Shaft Review


For the Performance testing, I pitted the RT Technologies Zeus against the Fujikura Motore Speeder 6.2 Tour Spec, both in a Callaway RAZR Fit 10.5 head on a FlightScope X2 launch monitor.  Since these shots were all hit outdoors with FlightScope, there is no longer a need to divide to performance into Launch Monitor and Real World: these are real world results measured by the best launch monitor technology.  I hit 10 “good” shots with each shaft, changing frequently so that fatigue was not an issue, nor did I get grooved with one shaft to the detriment of fairness.  I went through this process three times and averaged the sets of data.

RT Technologies Shaft Review



As you can see from the data, the RT Technologies Zeus went toe –to-toe with one of the hottest shafts on the market and held its own in every category.  The thing that remains shocking to me is how different it feels compared to the 6.2 Tour Spec.  The 6.2 TS is often regarded of as a boardy, low spin shaft, while the Zeus LT is anything but.  Based on feel, you would never think that these two shafts would produce comparable numbers, but they did.

The best thing about the Zeus LT, for my swing, is that I felt like I could go after the ball without fear of it flying 3 miles left.  Without fear of the hook, I didn’t hit the giant block.  This confidence is reflected in the outstanding accuracy number that the Zeus LT produced.

RT Technologies Shaft Review


While I can’t guarantee that it will stay there, I can say that for right now, the RT Technologies Zeus LT is in the bag.  That’s saying a lot when you consider the amount of different shafts I’ve had the opportunity to use over the last year.  There’s simply nothing the Zeus LT doesn’t offer: it keeps the spin low, the ball stays in the fairway, and the feel is great.  I have tried plenty of shafts that can do two of those, but this is one of the few that offers all three in spades.  Though you definitely won’t find them in your local big box, go yourself a favor and track down a qualified fitter who stocks RT Technologies the next time you’re looking to upgrade your bag.  I doubt you’ll be disappointed.



Post a comment below telling us what YOU would name a shaft if you designed the next hot shaft in golf.  We will select a winner to receive a stiff flex RT Technologies Zeus LT shaft.