Once upon a time custom meant a set of built-fit-you clubs lugged around in a bag with your name on the ball pocket. That’s so 2005.

My how times have changed.

From Rickie Fowler’s high tops to Ian Poulter’s, well…everything, to the always pink Paula Creamer, individual expression on tour is an integral part of brand building. And while that’s no doubt easier when you’re a star and your sponsors will do basically anything you ask, a growing list of companies now offer tour-level customization services for the average joe.

By tweaking our clubs with custom finishes, paintfill, stamps and more, off-the-rack is easily transformed into one-of-a-kind. Whether you want to honor someone, keep an inspirational movie quote close at hand, or just give new life to an old set of irons , our list of custom club artisans and club refinishers will give a solid place to start your search.

Here’s a sampling of what’s available.




Website:  www.labworxgolf.com
Service Portfolio: ( P, PT, ST, SW, LL, G, EX)

What makes these guys different is the Calista Flockhart thin (8 microns) Armor coating they use to protect the shaft and club head, all without compromising feel. This technology was originally designed for military use, but it’s working our really well in the golf world.

Sampling of services:

  • Armor Package – $135 – Complete refinish + 1 armor color + paintfill
  • Armor Bi-Tone – $150 – Complete refinish + 2 armor colors + paintfill
  • Shaft armor – $35

Labworx also provides loft/lie, swingweight, stamping, and other sundry services.

Labworx3 Labworx2

Putter Lounge


Website: www.putterlounge.com
Service Portfolio:
 (P, PT, ST, SH, LL, G, D, FF)

Regardless of what it is, if  it needs it done to your putter, Putter Lounge can do it. This one-stop shop is located in my home state of Colorado, which isn’t actually important, but I’m giving them some bonus points anyway.

The base cost for a complete refinish is $129 but the a la carte menu is far more robust; including services such as engraving ($60), paint fill ($30), cherry dots ($30 per), floating faces ($129) and basically whatever else heart desires.

If everything goes smoothly, expect your putter back in 4 to 5 weeks, and expect it to be looking fresh.

pl3 pl2

Golf Alchemy

Website: www.golfalchemy.co.uk
Service Portfolio: 
( P, I, SH, G, AC, CO, PP)

With a name like that, you might expect a medieval scientist who takes meta and works his magic it to create an elixir to invigorate your game. While that’s not exactly it, you might not be far off. In addition to the myriad of putter, wedge and iron refinish/customization options, you can get your wedges supercharged and we’re not talking 1979 disco (unless you want us to be).

We’re talking an additional layer of plating which keep your grooves sharp and is the only post production plating approved by the R&A, for whatever that’s worth. The website is a little clunky and it’s tough to tell exactly how much each service will run you, but maybe that’s because everything is in pounds.

ga-batman lor

Putter Room 


Website: www.theputterroom.com
Services Offered: (P, NM)

You go to a great steak joint for the steak. If you want a no-nonsense putter refinish, check out the Putter Room. For £85.00, you get full putter restoration along with fresh paintfill. If your putter needs more than a basic face-lift, they’re happy to oblige on an individual request basis. They fancy themselves experts in all things Scotty Cameron as well.

Putterroom2 PutterRoom1 


Bos Golf


Website: www.bosgolf.com
Services Offered: ( P, I, W, ST, PT, LL, D, MI, EX, SN, AC )

You’d be hard-pressed to find a company with a better track record or more industry partners than Bos Golf.

The better news? Their presence is large, but their prices aren’t.

Bos offers a plethora of basic putter finishes starting around $75/head (add $30 if you need a chrome, nickel or platinum finish stripped). Refinishing iron heads will run you $65-$80/head as long as it’s for 3 or more club heads. Disney Land isn’t exactly the right analogy, but perhaps we can call Bos the NikeTown of club refinishing.


Custom Putter Works


Website www.customputterworks.com
Services Offered: ( P, ST, PT, MI, N, FF)

Located in Arlington, Texas Custom Putter Works promises personal service and the attention to detail you’d expect from a smaller, local shop. A basic restoration and choice of finish will run you $60. Stamping, plating, neck modifications, sound-slots are all available as add-on services.

The  stated turn-around time of 2-3 weeks. You pay shipping both ways.


Tigernick Golf 


Website: www.tigernickgolf.com
Services Offered: (I, PT, LL, SW, G, BP, SH)

A club refinishing and restoration company founded by Nicholas A. Cerri III in 2007, Tigernick’s business is strictly irons and wedges. They refinish over 500 sets of clubs and 1000 wedges per year.

Plan on paying around $40/iron or $55/wedge for their services and don’t let the cute cartoonish logo fool you, their work is precise and on point.

We refinish golf clubs…period.

TIgerNick3 TigerNick2

Sick Sticks Golf 


Website: www.sicksticksgolf.com
Services Offered: (W, GR, ST, G, SH, PT, CU, PP)

“Sick” used to be just for skaters and surfers, but it’s 2016 and and modern nomenclature is an equal access kind of thing. Sick = Awesome. Sticks = Clubs. So basically, these guys will take your normal blasé clubs and make them, well sick.

The website is short on pricing details, but the links to their Instagram page give you a clear idea of what your options are.

ss4 ss-1

Tree Golf Customs 

Website: www.treegolf.at
Services offered: (P, I, ST, PT, BP, G, GD, SH, SW, GD)

The website is all auf Deutsch, so unless you sprich the sprach, you’re probably better off viewing their Instagram page to get a better idea of how they go about their work.  This tree has many branches (I know that’s a bit lame) and it all begins with a quality clubfitting.

From there, they’ll retro fit or build whatever you need to your exact specs, and of course, customize it to meet your every desire.

treecustom2 tree3

Iron Factory


Website: www.theironfactory.com
Services Offered: (I, BP, SH, PT, WL, GD)

Repair. Refinish. Rebuild. That’s what these guys do and have been doing for the last 40 years. They are located in Grand Junction, CO (more bonus points), but they work with customers all over the world.

They offer head rechroming ($32 each) or can completely rebuild your set ($75-$135/club depending on shaft).

Additional Considerations:

  • Double-check any white/ghost finishes as many aren’t approved by the USGA/R&A
  • In general plan on paying shipping both ways and set aside a solid 4-5 weeks for most projects

So many people spend so much time trying to dress like, swing like and be like someone else. Andriod encourages us to Be together. Not the same. Even for golf, I think that’s pretty good advice.