Article written by: Shane Smith

Today’s DIY GOLF project comes to you from one of the MGS readers…Shane Smith.  He wants to teach the MGS readers how to hand stamp your own golf clubs by using some simple and cheap tools that any of you can pick up at your local hardware stores.  If you have a DIY project you would like to post on MyGolfSpy, simply send us an email to [email protected].

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DIY- Hand Stamping Golf Clubs (w/Paint Fill)

Tools Needed:

  • Masking Tape
  • Ball pin or standard hammer (not rubber mallet, must be of good weight – 4lbs)
  • Steel Stamps (1/8”) – Available at most Ace Hardware or similar stores. (Letters are about $25 and numbers are about $10)
  • Sturdy, flat surface.
  • Model Paint (about $8 at most hobby stores- Hobby Lobby, Michael’s) or Tamiya Paint
  • Acetone (paint thinner, finger nail polish remover)
  • Q-Tips
  • A-West Needle Applicator or Golf Tees

hand stamp golf clubs

Step-By-Step Process

(STEP 1:)Apply masking tape to both the face of the club as well as the surface in which you will be working on. This will help keep the club in place as it tends to jump after you strike the stamp with the hammer. Also, apply a piece of masking tape over the area you wish to stamp.

(Tip:)You can use a pen and free hand what you want to mark. However, it does not have to be perfectly straight. The uneven, dancing look is the true essence of a hand stamp.

handstamping golf clubs

(Step 2:)Hold the desired stamp over the area and strike with the hammer 5-10 times. The reason the strikes vary in number is because clubs vary in hardness. This Cleveland CG 14 that I stamped took a lot more hits than the Titleist. With a Ping wedge, I needed safety goggles cause it took quite a bit of effort and I thought the stamp was going to break. Once your first round of strikes is complete, you should see a stamp through the tape and on the club.


You can see the first round of strikes going through the tape and making a shallow stamp.

how to handstamp a wedge

(Step 3:)If your first round of strikes have not made a deep enough stamp (depth similar to those made by the manufacturer), remove tape and place the stamp in the existing mark and continue stamping in repetitions of five.

(Step 4:)Once proper depth has been achieved, you may paint fill the stamp with a color of your choice. I prefer Testor’s Model Paint. I have used Testor’s on all my fills and the paint has held up even on wedges that I use out of bunkers (you can also use Tamiya Paint). You can apply the paint using a golf tee or A-West Needle Applicator. Allow a drying time of 4 hours. However, I have used a hair dryer on cool air to help speed the process. Anything on high heat will heat the club and cause the paint to set incorrectly.

tamiya paint

(Step 5:)Once paint has dried, use q-tips dipped in acetone to remove any excess paint that has spilled over the stamp. Here is the final result:


(TIP:) – As with any DIY golf project, practice makes perfect. These wedges were old back-ups. It’s best to hone your skills before marking up your gaming set. If you are wanting to use multiple colors for paint fill, it is best to do one at a time.

Want to post your own DIY project on MyGolfSpy?  Simple send your idea to [email protected] and we will email you the DIY guidelines. Every published DIY author will receive a prize from MyGolfSpy! (cash, equipment & apparel prizes to be awarded)


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