SUPER STEALTH - Cleveland Black Driver

Today we give you a sneak-peek at the 2012 Cleveland Black Tour Driver.  Now this is pretty outside-the-box looking for Cleveland...and honestly it slipped under our radar.  Not too shocking that this one got under our radar though..for one it's stealth black...and secondly seeing as Cleveland really hasn't released a driver in the past 5 years that was polarizing to the average golf consumer...made this prototype SUPER STEALTH to our radar systems.


Gotten quite a few emails about this one...which means at least they have created some interest for this new driver.  But I want to know what all of the readers think about this one.  Let Cleveland know your thoughts!

Do you like the new all black design? What do you think the "Speed Crown Design" will look like?  Think this is an improvement on previous Cleveland driver designs?  Think you will be giving this one a try?

So…tell them what you think…rate this driver on a scale from 1-10 for appearance (10 being the highest score). Take a second and leave your 2 cents…you never know…your opinion might just become part of the next prototype!

2012 cleveland black tour driver