PING…The Pioneer of Adjustability?

What is PING best known for?  Well…lots of things…but one of the most revolutionary is: Adjustability.  Your most likely saying this GolfSpy_X guy is crazy…he’s lost his damn mind?  You might even be screaming at your screen (like it will talk back to you) to me that PING doesn’t even have an adjustable driver and everyone else for the most part does.  So how could they be known for innovation when it comes to adjustability?

Yes…I know that they’re one of the last ones to the dance when it comes to what you have come to know as adjustability in the golf industry, but PING has had quite a few pioneering innovations (here is a list of some of their innovations) that let the consumer adjust their product to their swing.  Take for example the color coding system, PING developed this to establish the correct lie angle of an iron to suit a specific golfer.  They also had adjustability in their first PING i Woods…where a golfer could order their woods with standard, flat or upright lie.  This had been done for irons but not done previously for woods.

PING’s Adjustable Driver – Speculative Photoshop Image

So why are we talking about PING, drivers and adjustability on MGS if they don’t have one yet.  Hello….McFly…anyone home…McFly?  Maybe because PING is soon releasing an adjustable driver to the market.  A couple weeks ago our blog compadre over at showed golfers a first look at some patent drawings (listed below) for a possible new PING adjustable driver.  And while the drawings were pretty cool, one of the MyGolfSpy friends on Facebook took it to the next level.  Jovi Neri combined the patent drawings with some Photoshop skilz to give a rendition of what he thinks the driver might look like.  This was just a concept rendering, he did not actually know what the driver would look like at the time he was making the graphic.  While it might not be the real thing, I have a good feeling he’s going to be pretty close 😉


Images of the actual Ping Adjustable Driver are now surfacing.  So you can compare the concept graphic with the actual driver to be released.  Pretty close huh?  Told you he wasn’t far off.  The driver will be adjustable in lofts plus or minus 1/2 degree and will come in 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees.  It will be a 460cc head with a matte black finish.

Are You Looking Forward To An Adjustable PING Driver?

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