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We spent the past 365 days flying around the country, making conference calls, consulting with engineers, industry experts, statisticians, mathematicians.  The end result of that collaboration is what we believe to be the largest, fully-independent, 100% #DataCratic driver test ever conducted.

This year’s Most Wanted Driver Test took months to complete. Our testing procedures were significantly expanded. Our test included more golfers, more drivers, and more data than ever before.  28 drivers have been put to the ultimate test.  An industry standard 20 golfers just like you spent over 150 hours in testing.

Over 10,000 shots were captured, more than 250,000 data points scrutinized. All testing was conducted with a Foresight GC2 Launch Monitor with HMT. All testers used Bridgestone B330-RX golf balls.

Our goal is to empower the consumer with truthful and reliable information that will help you identify the best driver for your game.  We celebrate all of you who love golf equipment.

This guide is for you.


For more details on our testing process, see our How We Test page

How We Consider Distance

For many of you, everything takes a backseat to distance. You’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of accuracy and some forgiveness on mishits for the satisfaction that comes from those select few drives that leave the rest of your foursome questioning what’s in their bag.

Our distance guide is for you.

What’s important for readers to understand is that our distance rank is not a reflection of the average distance across all shots in our test. Our distance ranking is based on a sampling of the best shots hit by each tester with each club during the test. Its intent is to best reflect how each driver performs on optimal hits.

Our test for distance is testing how far a driver can possibly hit a ball. Period.

2015 Overall Distance

Callaway Big Bertha Double Black Diamond Most Wanted Distance Winner

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond Test Report:

  • Produced longest peak distance (267.5 yards)
  • Produced longest single drive average (272 yards)
  • Among the lowest spinning (2419 RPM) drivers tested

Royal Collection X7 MyGolfSpy Most Wanted

Royal Collection SFD X7 Test Report

  • Produced the highest average clubhead speed (104.4)
  • Ball Speed (147.8) was more than 1 MPH above average
  • 46” shaft and ultralight design contributes to distance

Cobra Fly Z+ Most Wanted 2015

Cobra FLY-Z+ Test Report

  • Produced above average peak distance despite 45” stock shaft length
  • Near-average launch (12.6°) with low spin (2441 RPM)
  • Lowest peak height  (27.9 yards) of any driver in Top 5

Touredge e8 beta most wanted 2015

Tour Edge E8 Beta Test Report

  • Average launch with lowest spin rates (2304 RPM) of any driver tested
  • Only true compact head (440cc) head in the top 5
  • Produced 1.2° less dynamic loft on average

Cobra Fly z Most Wanted 2015

Cobra FLY-Z Test Report

  • Longest driver among low/back CG (high MOI) designs
  • Among Top 10 lowest spinning drivers tested
  • Highest launching club (13.5°) in the Top 5
For more data see the 2015 Most Wanted Driver Data Page

The Rest of the List

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mizuno jpx 850 most wanted 2015

Srixon z545 Most Wanted 2015















Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond Test Report:

  • More than 2 yards longer (297.7) than the runner up
  • Highest single drive average (301.6 yards) for higher swing speed players
  • Lowest spin to launch ratio for high 100+ MPH swing speed players
  • Those needing more spin should put gravity core up, and consider moving 7g weight to the heel

Cobra FLY-Z+ Test Report

  • Above average distance (295.6) despite shorter than average (45”) shaft
  • Lowest spinning (2242 RPM) for 100+ MPH swing speed players
  • To increase launch, spin, and MOI place Flip Zone weight to the rear

Royal Collection SFD X7 Test Report

  • Highest launch and spin of any club in this group
  • Produced 1.6° more dynamic loft on average
  • Highest spinning club (2640 RPM) in Top 5 for 100+ MPH golfers
  • 46” shaft is the longest within this group

TaylorMade R15 Test Report

  • Second highest launching (13.4°) of any club in Top 5 for 100+ MPH golfers
  • Those looking for more forgiveness should slide weights to the edges

Tour Edge E8 Beta

  • Among lowest spinning drivers (2290 RPM) for 100+ MPH golfers
  • For those who prefer a smaller head, E8 Beta is the longest of the 440cc crowd
For more data see the 2015 Most Wanted Driver Data Page



Royal Collection SFD X7

  • Produced highest clubhead speed (92.8 MPH) of any club within this Top 5
  • Results suggest 46” is an option for those seeking maximum distance on best shots


Cobra FLY-Z

  • Highest launch (14.0°) of any club in the Top 5
  • Highest peak height (26.2 yards) of any club in Top 5


Nike Vapor Flex

  • Lowest launching (11.7°) in this Top 5
  • More distance from roll than relative to other clubs on this list
  • Smallest footprint (~425cc) with shallow face  Well-suited for high spin players who hit down on the ball
  • Well-suited for high spin players who hit down on the ball


Tour Edge E8 Beta

  • 2322 RPM average spin  was lowest in group by more than 200 RPM
  • Produced lowest angle of attack (-1.1°) and dynamic loft (15.3°) relative to other clubs in this group


Titleist 915 D2

  • Highest Ball Speed 132.2 MPH of any club in the Top 5
  • Single drive average only .1 yards behind leader for sub-100 MPH testers


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