Sufficed to say that ENRoll putters caught us by surprise in 2016 when each of the four models we tested beat out our top finishers from our annual Most Wanted test.

For 2017, the company is hitting the ground running with four new models; expanding the lineup and bringing the EVNRoll brand closer to offering something to suit every eye and every stroke.

Here's what's coming:

ER3 WingBlade


Milled from 303 stainless steel, the WingBlade is reminiscent of the PING B60. The name comes from the wing shape created by the extra flair in the transition to the toe and heel of the putter. The WingBlade's mass is positioned away from the center of gravity for additional stability. 30 degrees of toe hang helps promote a more rotational release through impact.

rs44_er3-rear-heel-base-and-front-outer-edge-right-pod-hpr rs42_er3-face-sole-base-hpr

Retail Price: $329

ER6 iRoll Black


Milled from 6061 Aluminum with an anodized black finish, the Black is the complement to the ER6 Red for the color-averse. The ER6's hollowed-out head is filled with steel, which weighs 2.5 times more than aluminum. The end result is that 85% of ER6's mass is concentrated on the swing plane behind the ball, which provides greater stability and accuracy.

rs46_er6-black-rear-heel-hpr rs47_er6-black-toe-sole-hero-face-and-toe-hpr

Retail Price: $359

ER7 Full Mallet


Milled from 303 stainless steel, The ER7 features prominent center sightlines and a symmetrical distribution of weight that flows gracefully from heel to toe. The connection with the alignment section by way of three milled parallel steps is meant to give a sense of motion towards the target.

rs53_er7-rear-heel-hpr-1 rs51_er7-face-sole-base-hpr

Retail Price: $359

E8 Tour Mallet


Also milled from 303 stainless steel, the tour mallet's name can be attributed to the popularity of the shape across worldwide professional tours. More compact than ER7, the ER8 is subtly asymmetrical. The slightly larger toe provides a balanced look at address. A slightly rounded top line creates a softer look and better flow into the heel and toe sections.

rs56_er8-rear-heel-base-v1-hpr rs54_er8-face-sole-base-hpr

Retail Price: $359

EVNRoll Features

Each of the new EVNRoll putters features the same core technologies as the original lineup.

"Sweet Face" Technology - Provides consistent, even roll (I see what they did there) across the entire hitting area. Tapered grooves have the dual effect of gearing off-center hits back to the target line, narrowing dispersion.

Stability Weighting - Heavier head weight with a heavier grip mitigate swing weight for distance control while increasing total weight for stability and accuracy.

LineAline System - Two unpainted dots 1/4" apart provide subtle alignment queues.

Look for the new models soon on the EVNRoll Website.