Who Are We

At MyGolfSpy, our mission is to help simplify your purchasing decisions.

From drivers down to putters and golf shoes to rain gear, if golfers buy it, we want to test it. Our goal is to make it easy for you to pick the best products and be confident in your decisions. Our job is your game.

We are independent, unbiased and will always put the #ConsumerFirst.

What We Do

Finding the products that will perform best for your game is difficult. It can be confusing and time-consuming.

We spend thousands of hours testing and researching products so we can be sure we have selected the absolute best products for your game. Our testing and proprietary algorithms help solve this complex problem for golfers all over the world. This year we will collect over 100,000 swings & 1,000,000 data points. In 2018, our testing helped over 8 Million golfers make more informed buying decisions.

2019 Most Wanted Testing

The majority of the golf equipment manufacturers support our testing efforts, however, there are occasions where a company declines to participate. While we understand they may decline based on their individual business interests, our only interest is you, the consumer. When leading brands decline our invitations, we don’t exclude them. With your support, we buy their gear.

Who Is In & Who Is Out

For 2019, we’ve received commitments from a wide swath of the industry. We’re excited to add brands like PXG, New Level, Sub70, and Directed Force to Most Wanted Testing.

As is typically the case, there are also a few brands that either declined or chose not to respond to our invitation.

Today, we ask for your help in purchasing what we need to ensure that all major brands are represented in our test. Following the tradition we started 3 seasons ago,  everything you give us will be given back to our supporters (more on that below).

What We Want To Test For You

Below is the list of products we plan to buy and test for you:

What You Get For Donating

For everything you give to us, we will give back to you plus a little more.

All those that donate today and support unbiased testing will get the following: