Filed under Stuff That’s Really Predictable, Titleist has started the tour seeding process for its upcoming T100, 620 MB, and 620 CB irons. The tour release of the company’s 2019 iron lineup comes 2 weeks after Titleist deployed its upcoming TS2 and TS3 hybrids along with U-500 and U-501 utility irons.

While the tour drop of new irons is par for the Titleist course this time of year, it’s certainly worth pointing out the change in nomenclature. It’s, more or less, business as usual for the CB/MB side of the family, but the lack of an AP-anything is notable.

The company isn’t saying much (or anything) right now about the new lineup, and I’ve been told that some of what’s floating around the interwebs isn’t entirely accurate, but we can say for sure that after several generations of AP, Titleist – as it did with its metalwood lineup – is moving the iron lineup in a bit of a different direction.

I’ve been told, and its presence on tour would seem to verify, that the T100 will occupy the spot in the lineup formerly held by the AP2. As such, you’ll want to keep an eye on Titleist staffers like Jordan Spieth to see how quickly guys transition to the new model.

It’s safe to assume the rest of the lineup, which is expected to include three additional models (T200, T300, and T400) will offer more of a consumer focus. A replacement for the AP3 will be among the new models, while the unconfirmed and possibly inaccurate rumors suggest the other models will include a mashup of sorts of the current lineup, along with something entirely different than Titleist has produced in recent memory.

While Titleist remains the #1 Iron on Tour, its market share in the iron category has dipped in recent years. There’s an argument to be made that as its competitors have become more aggressive in the category, the AP offering has lost of its luster. It’s perhaps unfair to say it’s grown stale, but the numbers suggest it’s not resonating like it used to. Rethinking the lineup from end to end, as Titleist has done with TS metalwoods, probably isn’t the worst idea.


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As always, more details as they become available.