Nearly two years have passed since we last asked you to take our One Word Survey.

As brand perception surveys go, this one is simple and doesn’t leave much room for nuance. It’s more a word-association game than a deep introspection into how you feel about the leading brands in golf. Perhaps the simplicity is why the past results from this survey have been so compelling.

As we sift through the results, we’ll not only look at what you had to say this time around but we’ll take a closer look at how perceptions have changed over the nearly five years we have conducted this survey.

Which brands are trending up?

Which brands are trending down?


For the sake of consistency, we haven’t changed the survey questions. Some of the words are unquestionably positive—language that golf companies want consumers to associate with their brands. Other words are unquestionably negative—language golf brands prefer you associate with their competitors.

As always, we’re not interested in how brands position themselves. We want to know what you think about the leading brands in the golf equipment market today.

Give us just a tiny amount of demographic information.

Then, for each word presented, choose the brand you most associate with that word.

We’ll share the results in a few weeks.

Thanks in advance for helping us out with this survey.

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