Inside the new MyGolfSpy Test & Research facility we wanted to bring you into the loop of what we'll be working on over the next several months.

The big news is that invitations for 2017 Most Wanted Testing are going out today. The bigger news is that this season we'll be working harder for you; testing everything from the driver to the putter. We're the only golf media outlet that will test the full bag and provide our readers with performance data.

That's the foundation of our #Datacratic testing model.

We're optimistic that, once again, a significant majority of manufacturers will show their support for independent and unbiased testing and the value it provides in helping you, the consumer, make smarter choices about the equipment that goes into your bag.


Even More Data Points

It remains our goal to empower the consumer. To that end, we're working to refine our end-user driver analytics so that finding the right clubs for your game will be easier than ever before.

To supplement our launch monitor data, we've partnered with leading golf instrument manufacturer, Golf Mechanix, to outfit our test facility with industry-standard tools and gauges which will allow us to provide you with even more information about the products we test.

Driver head weights, loft, lie, and face angle measurements; we're going to arm you with more knowledge than ever before.

Knowledge is power, and we believing in giving #PowerToThePlayer.

Your Predictions

As we prepare to test 2017's crop of golf equipment, we want to hear your predictions.

  • What products do you believe will perform well?
  • What will be the biggest equipment surprise of 2017?


MyGolfSpy is the only major golf media outlet that declines advertising dollars from the biggest names in golf. You won't find their banners here. We truly believe it's the only way to remain above the influence, publish real results based on real data, and continue to provide honest opinion and commentary about what's happening inside the golf equipment industry.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers habitually withhold equipment from media outlets that refuse to dutifully tow the company line. When this happens, we rely on your support to help us procure those products for testing.

If you find Most Wanted testing useful, meaningful, or just interesting, please consider making a donation to help support MyGolfSpy's continued independence.

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