When shopping for a swing analyzers, you need to focus on two words: Actionable Data.

Those two words define the foundation of what matters when choosing the right digital swing analyzer for your particular needs.

What is a Full Swing Analyzer

Who those who may not be familiar with swing analyzers, they are part of a rapidly evolving category of golf training aids. These devices attach to your clubs shaft, grip or your glove, and collect thousands of data points during your swing, relaying that data to an application on your phone via bluetooth.

That data collected by the device, and how it’s presented to the golfer, defines what’s actionable.


While there are unquestionable similarities between devices there are significant differences as well. Nearly every model we tested has one or two unique features that distinguish it from the others. It’s easy to find oneself enamored with a particular feature, but it’s important to consider the complete picture.

You need to ask yourself, What is actionable for me?

Angle of attack, face angle, tempo, club path, release…if you aren’t familiar with these these terms, or have no idea how to fix associated problem areas in your swing, then a device with more instruction would probably suite you better.

If you understand the terminology, and the golf swing, then it may be worth considering a device that provides an abundance of data, but little or no instruction.

Analyzers Tested

swing-analyzers-6 3 Bays
swing-analyzers-3 Swingbyte

For screenshots of all Swing Trainer applications, see our Swing Trainer Application Gallery.

Analyzer Features


*This charted was updated to reflect SkyGolf’s update to include Angle of Attack after reviewing the feedback provided to them from this article.

How We Tested


To evaluate the 7 Full Swing Trainers under consideration, the MyGolfSpy staff put each analyzer through a normal usage scenario.

Each device was then graded based on 10 distinct criteria under the more general headings of physical device, usability, actionable data, and user interface.

Scores were tallied to determine our Most Wanted Swing Analyzers. For more detailed information, visit our How We Test Full Swing Analyzers page.

Results: Most Wanted Swing Analyzers



*The grade for SkyGolf’s SkyPro was updated to reflect the addition of the Angle of Attack measurement in response to the publication of this article.

While nearly every model tested offers a standout feature, our Most Wanted Swing Analyzers are those that reliably collect data, and present that data in an easy to digest format through clean and intuitive user interfaces.

For screenshots of all Swing Trainer applications, see our Swing Trainer Application Gallery.

Winner: Most Wanted Swing Analyzer

SkyGolf SkyPro


As the one device that all of our testers put at the top of their list, the SkyPro is easy to attach and calibrate (after a few reps), and provides a substantial amount of actionable data. With a robust instructional set included, you’ll not only be able to analyze your swings, you’ll have the guidance you need to improve them.

SkyPro’s app is clean and intuitive, yet still offers enough options for you to choose how your data is displayed.

SkyPro’s signature feature is Groove Mode, which allows you to breakdown the swing into it’s individual pieces so you can tackle your faults one at time.

The device knows when you change clubs and will requests re-calibration accordingly.  The calibration process can feel a bit unwieldy out of the gate, but quickly becomes second nature.

The Features You Want:

  • Multiple training modes (including Groove Mode)
  • Clean and intuitive app design
  • Easy setup and calibration
  • Loads of actionable data
  • Simple alert system highlights specific flaws with each swing AND provides the guidance necessary to fix them.

To be improved:

  • Lacks an Angle of Attack measurement (Since original publication of this article – SkyGolf updated the SkyPro app to include an Angle of Attack measurement)
  • Android version of the SkyPro app is missing both Plane Mode and Pro Tables

Runner-Ups: Most Wanted Swing Analyzer

Zepp Golf


For those looking for swing improvement made simple, it doesn’t get any better than Zepp. Zepp won’t overwhelm you with data – it’s not the best option for those looking to totally geek out – but for those looking for the easiest-to-use device that will actually help you improve your swing, this is your best bet.

Zepp assigns a simple out-of-100 score, and identifies the reasons why that score wasn’t higher. What draws us back to the Zepp device time and time again is the immediate feedback that challenges the golfer to improve with each and every swing. As you improve you can bump up the difficulty level (narrower margin for error), which ensures you’ll be continually challenged to improve.

If you are so inclined, Zepp can be used to track an entire round of swings. It’s functional simplicity and its ability to be used on-course differentiates Zepp from the pack.

The Features You Want:

  • Swing Score challenges you to improve with each rep
  • Zepp insight reports in your inbox weekly to help analyze and repair swing flaws
  • Unique hip rotation measurement (requires phone to be in hip pocket)
  • So simple your grandpa could use it

To Be Improved:

  • Some will want more data than Zepp provides
Swingbyte 2


SwingByte 2 offers a robust data set and an exceptionally clean and intuitive user interface that puts all of your information at your fingertips. SwingByte offers a near perfect blend of data and presentation.

While we’re impressed by SwingByte’s capabilities, it’s not for the novice. The lack of an instruction piece means it’s better suited to those who already know how to address their flaws or those who are working with an instructor who knows how to leverage the data SwingByte provides.

The Features You Want:

  • Video sync to 3D model
  • Rich data set
  • Cloud storage for online review of swing data

To Be Improved:

  • The lack of in-app instruction will be a deal-breaker for some

Your Other Options

Epson M-Tracer


The Features You Want:

  • We love Epson’s robust data set, which includes unique measurements such as shaft rotation, and shaft uncock. For the guy who can’t get enough data, and really wants to dig in deep, the M-Tracer is arguably best in class.

To Be Improved:

  • While the interface is clean, the presentation is highly technical and will likely be over the heads of many casual golfers
  • Epson provides general descriptions to better understand the data it collects, but it provides little insight as to how to address particular flaws
  • M-Tracer requires the golfer to hold the address position for 3-7 seconds between shots. It’s effectively a forced re-calibration between swings that’s extremely disruptive and undermines the overall value of the device

SwingSmart Duo


The Feature You Want:

  • Swing tips presented along with 3D renderings of your swing help break down flaws at multiple positions of the swing
  • Training mode allows you to work on your swing with or without hitting a golf ball

To Be Improved:

  • Visually, the SwingSmart app is 5 years behind the competition
  • Spotty connectivity which leads to missed swings and the need to reconnect
  • While the shaft connection mechanism is secure, it’s comparatively difficult to work with

3 Bays GSA PRO


The Feature You Want:

  • Provides consistency measurement that allows you to compare your swings to one another or to those of a professional golfer.

To Be Improved:

  • More secure attachment (it tends to back out of the grip), and more reliable connectivity to your mobile device
  • Data set is limited
  • Lacks in-app instruction

iTrainer Mini


The Feature You Want:

  • Visualization of the ball flight in app is helpful when using indoors or hitting into a net

To Be Improved:

  • The app is anything but intuitive
  • Delays in presenting data as well as forced re-calibration between swings makes practicing with i-Trainer tedious
  • Instruction piece is lacking

For screenshots of all Swing Trainer applications, see our Swing Trainer Application Gallery.

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