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How We Test – Most Wanted

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How We Test – Most Wanted

Our Job Is Your Game

If you dive into Most Wanted Testing articles, you see this saying every single time. Why? It is our DNA.

Our mission is simple: to educate golfers worldwide and to equip them with the best products suited for their game.

Yorktown, Va., is where every shot and every data point comes to life. It is where we are changing the golf industry one reader at a time.

Most Wanted Testing

In 2021, 122,988 shots of data were collected over 11 Most Wanted tests. Let that sink in … 122,988 SHOTS.

It is 2022 and we are almost three-quarters of the way through Most Wanted testing. Each test isn’t possible without the dedication of our testers. Without them, Most Wanted testing does not exist.

For the Most Wanted driver, 35 testers commit their time. For the 10 other Most Wanted tests, 20 people fulfill the testing protocols. The shot counts for each test vary. This year, we’ve made the effort to test only the newest equipment on the market with the addition of the previous Most Wanted winner (if it is still relevant to the market). With this approach in place, our shot counts might be down a tick due to fewer clubs in a specific test. However, our shots counts remain exceptionally high.

Off The Rack

In today’s world, you see more and more online purchases. This is true in the golf industry as well. When Most Wanted testing began, a large majority of golf consumers bought clubs off the rack. Due to this, every Most Wanted test has equipment that is “off-the-rack” from the corresponding OEM. Off the rack=stock offerings.

In Most Wanted Driver testing, there is a plethora of stock shaft offerings from OEM to OEM. Some have numerous offerings while others are more limited. With Most Wanted iron testing, OEMs send their most common stock shaft offering or the one they think fits the broadest range of golfers.

Ultimately, we strive to reach golfers of all skill levels and commitment levels. Testing off-the-rack options is the best way for us to reach such a broad range of golfers.

The Nitty-Gritty

Data, data, data. Just how are we able to determine the heartbeat of Most Wanted testing? Here at MyGolfSpy, there are three key pieces of equipment that allow us to eliminate variables, collect data and bring you the most extensive golf reviews in the world.

Foresight GC Quad

Foresight GC Quad enables us to collect 18 to 20 data points from each shot during Most Wanted testing. Through their “club markers”, we are able to capture both ball and club-head data. Once a testing session is complete, the data is exported and transitioned to our database. (The stuff I can’t talk about.)


Through extensive testing, we found Foresight GC Quad to be the most reliable ball launch monitor indoors, especially due to its camera-based features. All of our testing is conducted at our facility in Yorktown, Va. If you’re local to Hampton Roads or just visiting, look us up and come say hi.


Titleist ProV1

In addition to Foresight GC Quad, every shot is hit with a Titleist Pro V1. Through countless hours of ball testing, our team has determined the Pro V1 to be the best, most consistent golf ball on the market. It helps us to minimize variables which is one of our primary goals throughout any test. As testing progresses, we consistently filter out any Pro V1 that becomes compromised with scratches, dings or any other deformity.

The Indoor Golf Shop

As I said, golf equipment testing is our DNA and it isn’t restricted to just golf clubs, golf balls and soft goods. During the summer of 2021, The Indoor Golf Shop sought us out to test their SIGPRO Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen. “Impressive” is an understatement. We discovered the SIGPRO Premium to reduce decibel levels and ball bounce back and, even better, provide outstanding durability. For us, durability is a major benefit. We are approaching one year with the same SIG Premium screens. It is a testament to the durability, especially given the number of shots we hit during Most Wanted testing.

Get Fitted

Off-the-rack golf clubs certainly reach a large majority of the golfing population. Through Most Wanted testing, we get to determine which products are the best off the rack. However, this does not discredit nor hinder us from encouraging you to get fitted for your next golf purchase. Every golfer delivers the club to the ball differently. A shaft that works for you might not work for your friend. Discover your tendencies and get fitted into a club head and a shaft that best suit your game.


For some, their golf bag might consist of the same brand. For others, a hodgepodge of brands. If it works for you, game it. But don’t let your loyalty cause you to miss out on a better product.

Be. Your. Own. Brand.

MyGolfSpy exists to bring power to the player—YOU. The golf industry isn’t lacking for equipment manufacturers. We are here to help you navigate the marketing and get your hands on the best equipment.

Drop a comment below. Give us a follow. Join us on our endeavor to make an even bigger impact on the golfing world.

Phillip Bishop

Phillip Bishop

Phillip Bishop

Cancer Survivor. Amputee Golfer. Essentially, a OneLeggedBoss. When he isn't facilitating testing or analyzing data, Phillip enjoys his family time, practicing and playing golf, unwinding with video games, capturing photos of nature, or devouring pretzels.

Phillip Bishop

Phillip Bishop

Phillip Bishop

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Phillip Bishop

Phillip Bishop

Phillip Bishop

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Phillip Bishop

Phillip Bishop

Phillip Bishop

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