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What do women want?

At the risk of mansplaining, let me tell you what I know about it.


Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

I’m just smart enough to know that tossing all women into a single bucket is a fool’s folly.

With that in mind, I can’t fault Callaway (at least not too much, anyway) for releasing the REVA golf ball—a “women’s version” of the Supersoft Max – even if the “Designed for Women” part of the story refers mostly to the packaging.

a photo of the Callaway REVA women's golf ball

Callaway REVA Golf Ball – Supersoft Max for the “Ladies”

Like Supersoft MAX, REVA is an oversized (.05 inches larger than “standard”) golf ball designed for moderate swing speed players who don’t always make perfect contact. If you happen to like soft feel, all the better.

The REVA golf ball, like Supersoft Max, is ideally suited for beginners and seniors.

I should be clear. When I say REVA is like Supersoft Max, what I mean is it’s exactly the same ball. The color choices are different. The packaging is different, but otherwise … cover, core … it’s exactly the same.

Let’s talk reality for a minute. Above and beyond painting to appeal to the target demographic, there’s a valid argument that clubs designed to fit the highest percentage of female golfers should be shorter and lighter.

The physical characteristics of the average male and female are different. Absolutely, there are plenty of women who should play “men’s clubs” but there are plenty of men who would benefit from “women’s clubs.” Regardless of the paint color, off-the-rack offerings typically play to the middle of the bell curve.

With a golf ball, however, none of that is relevant. The same product that works for a slower swing speed male golfer looking for easy launch and soft feel works exactly as well for a woman looking for those same characteristics.

REVA Golf Ball – Giving All Golfers What They Want

The rub is that some women want products designed for them. Others want to be treated exactly the same as their male counterparts. I’d wager there’s a significant third group that doesn’t care either way.

One of Callaway’s mantras is giving golfers what they want. How do you do that when the golf ball needs are identical but the wants might be different?

The answer in this case is branding. REVA boxes are different. REVA color options are different. What’s on the inside—the stuff that counts—it’s the same.

Think of it as two more color options in the Supersoft Max family. There’s no rule that says men can’t play pink and white sparkle balls if they want to.

Retail price for the Callaway REVA golf ball is $22.99 per dozen.  Retail availability begins April 21.

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