We all know you have to choose to be a player’s iron kind of golfer or a game-improvement iron kind of golfer.

Or do you?

With the evolution of player’s distance irons, we are seeing the line between player’s clubs and game-improvement clubs increasingly blurred and that is certainly the case with the new Rogue ST Pro irons.

We included these irons in our 2022 Best Player’s Distance Irons test and we can tell you that, when it comes to distance, Callaway is on to something with the Rogue ST Pro.

Callaway Rogue ST Pro Details

The Callaway Rogue ST irons were a new game-improvement series in 2022. They feature some impressive upgrades from the original Callaway Rogue irons and an impressive amount of tungsten weighting. Callaway Rogue ST Pro irons are designed for the player who wants a club that looks like a player’s iron but is not ready for the harsh reality of missing the center of a clubface of a player’s iron.

With the Rogue ST irons, Callaway claims to have produced the fastest player’s irons ever. The hollow-body construction incorporates more of the urethane microsphere technology than previous releases. The microspheres allow for a thin face and hollow construction without sacrificing feel and are installed up to the sixth groove on the club.

One of the other impressive features of the Rogue ST Pro irons is the combination of the high-strength 450 Steel Flash Face Cup with the new precision tungsten weighting. We can tell you for sure that the overall ball speed off of this clubface is impressive. The top-down look is undoubtedly thicker than an Apex Blade but thinner and less offset than other irons in the Rogue ST series.


  • Hollow-body construction with plenty of distance
  • Patented urethane microspheres up to the sixth groove
  • 48 grams of high-density tungsten
  • Low-lofted with a penetrating ball flight
  • AI face optimization
  • Maximum speed across the entire face of the club


  • It can still look a bit clunky at setup
  • Overall forgiveness is not nearly as high as other Rogue ST irons
  • The chrome finish is shiny

How We Test 

The Callaway Rogue ST Pro irons were part of our 2022 Player’s Distance Iron test. We spent 200 hours testing 412 products, taking a total of 11,520 shots. All data is measured using the FlightScope GC Quad launch monitor and all players use the Titleist Pro V1 ball to help minimize the variables. The metrics used to complete this testing include distance, accuracy and forgiveness. All outliers were removed before the results were calculated. 

Callaway Rogue ST Pro Review

The Callaway Rogue ST Pro had a total rating of 89.65 which put it in fourth place overall. As you will see from the individual metrics, what brought Callaway up to the top were the distance numbers. 


For distance, the Callaway Rogue ST Pro is the No. 1 option for a player’s distance iron in 2022. The distance score was 97.51 which is exceptionally high.


Accuracy is where the Callaway Rogue ST Pro struggled the most. Sometimes when you see big distance gains, you also see issues with overall dispersion. This was certainly the case with the ST Pro and, as a result, it finished 10th with a score of 82.24. Although 10th may not seem all that bad, try to remember that we only tested 12 player’s distance irons.


Unfortunately, forgiveness was another weak spot for the Rogue ST Pro with a score of 83.99 and a sixth-place finish. Many testers felt that when they hit the center of the clubface, the distance was incredible but, if you missed, especially on the toe, you paid the price. It’s frustrating that the forgiveness is not here, what with the extra tungsten weighting and the AI used to design the club head.


The overall score for the Callaway Rogue ST Pro was 89.65. For comparison, the top player’s distance iron in 2022 was the Mizuno Pro 225 with a total score of 97.53. The real reason the Callaway Rogue ST Pro made it into the top five is, without a doubt, the technology incorporated into this iron head. We hope it’s just a matter of time before Callaway refines this iron to include more forgiveness and accuracy.

Tester Feedback

The overall feedback from the MyGolfSpy testers was varied but a few things stood out with each of the individual feedback notes we reviewed. 

  • The chrome finish is too shiny and should have been dulled a little in what is considered a player’s iron.
  • Golf balls come off the clubface very hot and overall distance performance was impressive.
  • The dispersion was relatively high, especially on shots that were hit near the toe of the club.
  • Aside from the chrome finish, the look at setup was very nice and led to increased confidence.
  • A slightly lower trajectory was mainly viewed as positive.
  • The overall feel was considered quite good, certainly better than previous Rogue irons.

MyGolfSpy Feedback  

Bottom Line 

The Rogue ST Pro irons have the best distance performance of any player’s distance iron that we tested. Overall, there are better choices for accuracy and forgiveness but, if you want a golf ball to rocket off the face, go with the Rogue ST Pro. 


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