Will You Bag It?

cleveland niblick

It has been a long time since any of us sported a “Niblick” in our bags. Well you might have but if you

did…you most likely needed a tetnis shot from all the rust on the shaft. But Cleveland is trying to change that, with their soon to be released new 2009 Cleveland Niblick.

Will Others Bag It?

Cleveland claims that their new Niblick will combine the best features of a putter, wedge, iron and hybrid. They are hoping that the Niblick gains popularity similar to how the rise of the hybrid has over the past 5 years. Actually this is a clever marketing idea…come out with a club that no one else has….sets you apart. And setting yourself apart has become more and more difficult in the golf club world…well unless you are a gimmick. In our opinion its a great idea but it will not catch on…and not because it isn’t a valuable stick to carry. Cleveland’s Niblick kryponite will be the rule regarding how many clubs one can carry in there bag at one time. Think about it…which club would you give up to put a Niblick in the bag?

How It Will Help Your Game

The Cleveland Niblick will be available in a 9 or a 10, the 9 being a 37 Degree and the 10 being a 42 Degree loft. They will have 8 Degrees of bounce, which is 4-6 degree more then the typical short iron. They will be similar in width to a putter and will be available in a 35″ length. And will also have Zip Grooves similar to their CG12 and CG14 wedges.