What everyone sees…but nobody thinks.  Hmm…such a profound statement.  This has to be BIG!  Right?

It all started with this post Cleveland Golf published on their Facebook account on October 3rd.  Teasers are nothing new in golf.  Well,  they are for Cleveland (a little late to the buzz building table).

No big secret, Cleveland Golf is allegedly struggling.  So, at first glance you see a teaser like this and maybe think to yourself, “Hey this must be something BIG, haven’t heard much at all from Cleveland in the past, I don’t know, 5 years, and even less in the last 3” or “at least they’re trying” or maybe even something like, “I love their wedges, maybe its some game-changing wedge technology, that would make since.”

NOPE!  All 3 statements would be incorrect.

Behind the scenes lots of people are talking.  Talking about this being a big year for Cleveland (others are saying if its not it might be over), lots of changes, new wave thoughts about how to run a golf company in 2014.  Well, a lot of talking, mostly by people from Cleveland.  Cleveland insiders are telling me they are turning over a new leaf.

Heard that before.  I’ll believe it when I see it and not a second before.

So, What Is The BIG Surprise?

So what IS this big surprise?  Well, if you invest some time thinking about it (don’t) you might come to the right conclusion.  Yeah, remember that thing called the Odyssey 2-Ball Putter?  Well, looks like Cleveland has discovered something ground-breaking…wait for it….wait…SQUARES are better than those damn CIRCLES Odyssey came up with.  And in their mind that is what discovery is all about…remember.  Something everyone sees…but nobody thinks.  Genius!

You Be The Judge

I know what I thought and said to myself when I first saw the two putters side-by-side.  But, one persons opinion is just that…an opinion.  So, I’ll leave the majority vote up to you guys.

1. What first came to your mind when you saw this new putter design by Cleveland Golf?

2. Do you think the Cleveland Smart Square putter was inspired (some might say ripped off) from the Odyssey 2-Ball putter?

3. Do you believe that even bad press is good press, and this putter will still sell well because it’s piggy-backing off the success of the 2-Ball?

4. Any other thoughts?  We would love to hear’em.

Images by: GolfViews

cleveland-smart-square-3 cleveland-smart-square-2 cleveland-smart-square-1