We know about AI and how it has changed the game but when the COBRA KING 3D-Printed Gransport 35 appeared this year, we started to learn what 3D printing can bring to the world of golf. Everything points to increased and advanced technology, making the next round of equipment better than the last. 

Speaking of which, COBRA had mentioned that they weren’t going to do much when it came to putters until they had something unique to offer. With the 3D printing in the Grandsport 35, they’ve achieved “unique.” 

Our COBRA KING 3D-Printed Gransport 35 review will reveal the seasons this putter has many golfers contemplating a switch in 2022. 


COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandsport 35  Product Details

The COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandsport 35 is an oversized blade putter with multi-material construction. For the first time, COBRA decided to use a 3D-printed nylon insert in the putter head. This insert helps lower the weight of the head and allows for proper positioning of other materials, including aluminum and tungsten weights. The result is a blade putter with very high MOI (or forgiveness). 

With the COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandport 35, you will notice the SIK Face Technology was continued. The result is a very consistent launch off the clubface of about 1.5 degrees. The width of the blade putter, combined with the multiple materials and optimized weight distribution, produces impressive feel. 

Golfers found the COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandsport 35 to be the best overall blade putter in 2022 and that is not an easy title to win. 


  • 3D-printed nylon lattice structure
  • Highest MOI in a COBRA blade putter
  • Very stable at impact
  • Solid feel 
  • SIK Descending Loft technology 
  • Consistent roll and feel 
  • Arccos putter grip 


  • Large putter head can take some time to get used to 
  • Designs from top down can be distracting

How We Test 

The COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandsport 35 was part of our 2022 Most Wanted Blade Putter Test. There were 25 putters tested and more than 12,000 putts taken. We spent 80 hours total on this testing and focused specifically on one-putts. This year, we decided that the best way to tell if a putter is a great choice is if it can get the ball in the hole. The score that we have put together for each putter from five, 10 and 20 feet represents how effective they were at making a one-putt from those distances. 

COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandsport 35 Putter Review

The COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandsport 35 is the best overall blade putter in 2022. The putter performed well from five feet but when the 10-foot test came around, it stole the show. 

Performance From Five Feet 

The COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandsport scored 93/100 for performance from five feet. This was enough to earn it fourth spot. Testers said the feel off the clubface was solid and strong,and it got the ball on the right line. Some complained of too many lines and colors but felt like the putter set up square. 

Performance From 10 Feet 

The COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandsport clearly won the 10-foot category with an almost perfect score of 98.40/100. In fact, the performance from 10 feet is what helped COBRA secure the overall win for this blade putter in 2022. The putter has a great feel and a consistent hit coming off the clubface and most testers preferred the weighting. 

Performance From 20 Feet 

The weakest of this putter’s performances came at the 20-foot mark where it finished ninth with a score of 73.80/100. The consensus was that as forgiving as this putter is, distance control is not its strongest point.


The overall rating for the COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandsport 35 putter was 92.10/100, earning it the top spot. This is not to say that all the feedback was positive. However, when it comes to performance and the ability to sink a putt, the data doesn’t lie. When you have a 10-foot putt for birdie, this is the blade putter you will want in your hand. 

Tester Feedback

Overall, our product testers felt the COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandport 35 brought new technology to the market and it was well received. COBRA certainly accomplished its goal of making a splash in the putter market. However, there were a few things that were not favored about this particular model, mostly the look. 

  • The look was called “ugly” and sometimes “too busy”, even by the players who were sinking putts with it.
  • Weighting and feel were consistently described as good, especially on the shorter putts.
  • Golfers used the word “solid” to describe the way the putter feels, especially on the shorter putts. On 10-foot putts, the solid feel increased confidence and overall consistency.
  • There were a few complaints about the size of the head, especially with it being a blade-style putter, but this led to a higher MOI, especially in that 10-foot range. 

MyGolfSpy Feedback 

Bottom Line 

In our COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandsport 35 review, we tried to show you that “pretty” is not always “perfect.” The look of this putter is a little funky. It’s not preferred by many of our testers but it still won the top spot. We do not doubt that COBRA’s next blade release will feature a good majority of this same technology with a slightly more appealing look. 


Does COBRA make a good putter?

The COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandsport 35 won the MyGolfSpy 2022 Best Blade Putter award. Going head to head against 25 other putters, COBRA had the overall best performance from the 10-foot range. 

Does COBRA own SIK putters?

COBRA does not own SIK putters. They have a partnership where they work together on certain projects. SIK makes the faces for the COBRA KING 3D-Printed Grandsport 35.  

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