Credit to Ryan Barath at GolfWrx for spotting the Costco Kirkland Signature wedge in the USGA’s conforming grooves database. Inclusion on the USGA list strongly suggests that the big box wholesale club is rapidly transitioning from rumor to reality where its golf club line is concerned.

As you no doubt recall, Costco made an immediate splash in the golf ball world with its original 4-piece Kirkland Signature Golf Ball. A second 4-piece offering had issues, but the 3-piece Performance+ remains one of the best values on the market.

Earlier this year, it released a Kirkland Signature Putter, which remains perpetually out of stock online.

Kirkland Signature wedges are undoubtedly coming. Rumors of drivers and irons persist. It’s a safe bet this is just the beginning for Kirkland Signature as a golf brand.

The Next Big Disruptor?

That should be a scary proposition for the Carlsbad golf cabal. Stamping Milled Face Technology on the back of the wedge suggests Costco has already learned how to play the game, and it has already proven it can move golf equipment in volume. Given its discount prices and ever-expanding reach, it seems inevitable that it will further disrupt the golf equipment industry.

While mainstream OEMs remain focused on six million or so core golfers, Costco appeals mainly to the other 18 million recreational golfers. They don’t buy gear as often, but they like a good deal as much as anyone. Given that, and it’s rabid fanbase; if you’re playing the volume game, the numbers favor Costco.

Costco Kirkland Signature Wedge Pricing and Availability

Retail availability and pricing for the Kirkland Signature Wedges haven’t been confirmed. The rumor last year was that they’d be sold as a set of 3 for roughly the same price as a single wedge from one of the market leaders. That’s by no means written in stone. What’s reasonable to assume is that loft offerings will be limited and grind options will be non-existent, but with consideration for the target audience (the budget-minded golfer who was never going to get fit anyway), Costco is sure to sell a ton of sets.

Check back, we’ll continue to update this article with more info as it becomes available.