With the anchoring ban once looming, and now in effect, the use of counter weighting in putters is one the rise.

It sure beats cheating, I guess.

In 2015 golfers were offered a variety of alternative remedies, including the CounterCore grip from Super Stroke. Sufficed to say the company is committed to using back-weighting to help smooth out your stroke. To that end, every grip in the 2016 Super Stroke Slim, Fatso, Flatso, and Pistol GT lineup will be available with CounterCore weighting as an option.


Super Stroke grips are already immensely popular both on Tour and with average joes. According to Super Stroke, during any given week upwards of 40 professionals use Super Stroke grips, and an increasing number of those guys are adding counter weight to those grips.

Does that mean you should switch to a counter weighted grip?


Sorry, that’s all I got. The guys at Super Stroke estimate that more than 50% of amateur players would add consistency to their putting stroke through the use of CounterCore technology, but that also means some number less than 50% probably wouldn’t.

You’re going to have to figure this one out for yourself. So how do you do that?


“Our research shows that the two most effective ways to enhance consistency in a stroke are with size/shape (grip) and weight.  We would like players to start with the weight in, so they have a chance to experience what it can do for them.  If they prefer not to use it, they can use the grip without the weight, and still benefit from our no taper designs, in various sizes/shapes.” – Greg Sabella, VP or Marketing, Super Stroke


2016 Pricing & Additional Models

Retail price is $34.99 for all 2016 CounterCore products.

Non-CounterCore items will be $24.99 with the exception of the + Series grips (13.75”) which are $29.99 plus another $10 for the weighted option.

Also new for 2016 are the Pistol GT grips, available in three sizes – Tour (the smallest ever offered through Super STroke) 1.0 and 2.0.

Sabella said, “This is a new shape for us and will be a nice option for those preferring a pistol style grip.”