Callaway Epic Flash

Not that a few pics haven’t already leaked via Instagram, but you know you’re inching closer to a new release when the USGA greenlights a new driver. Given that it’s been nearly a year since the launch of Rogue, I think just about everyone who even loosely follows the golf equipment industry could have predicted that something new was in the Callaway pipeline, and so here you go.

For 2019 Callaway will offer up the Epic Flash and Epic Flash Sub Zero drivers. And while I don’t have any definitive proof – at least not from the USGA – I’m going to go ahead and assume that an Epic Flash Draw will follow, and I’m not ruling out an Epic Flash Star either, though that 4th one is less certain.

Epic Flash Sub Zero version 1

Callaway hasn’t shared its technology story with me just yet, but the most obvious point to share is that both the standard and Sub Zero models share a rear-placed, multi-position, sliding weight system. We’re all familiar with draw vs. fade settings by now, but it’s also worth pointing out that these types of systems also allow you to more closely align the CG position with your typical impact position. If you tend to hit the ball a bit on the toe, the fade position might generate more ball speed. The same holds true for the draw position for golfers who favor the heel a bit.

As you’d expect all models feature Callaway’s now signature Jailbreak technology, while the Sub Zero models are again differentiated by a forwardly placed weight. This time around, the Sub Zero doesn’t appear to offer any forward/back swap-ability, though the design certainly suggests that additional weights will be available for swing weight and other tuning purposes.

As has become typical for Callaway, the USGA has cleared 3 version. It’s a safe assumption that two of them will be for tour use only, so let’s not all freak out about too many models and whatnot.

Epic Flash Sub Zero version 2

Pricing and Availability

Given recent trends, I would expect Callaway to start teasing Epic Flash in the coming weeks via its social media channels with the official information dropping in early January. I’d wager the actual release date will be sometime after the PGA Show, so let’s call it late January to early February. Finally, while I don’t have confirmation from Callaway, you can expect the Epic Flash series to retail for over $500. In fact, I think $550 is a safe assumption. If that sounds insane, bear in mind that the trends you saw with Titleist and Wilson will continue. Average retail prices are going to be up industry-wide for 2019. We expect TaylorMade will also break the $500 barrier with at least one of its 2019 models.

Epic Flash Sub Zero version 3

More information as it becomes available.