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A golf rain suit or even a golf rain jacket is a must, especially if you live in an area with variable weather conditions.

In the 2022 Most Wanted Rain Gear Test, Inesis was crowned Best Value. It wasn’t even close. We saw a  huge difference in price when comparing KJUS and Inesis. But was it worth playing in the rain for the price?

The question is: Why was Inesis good enough to win Best Value?

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Inesis RAINWWEAR Construction

Every company that makes rain gear does it a little different. Whether it’s to do with the type of material or the way they cut the material, there’s something for everyone.

Inesis wanted their rainwear to be breathable, stretchy, comfortable and, of course, waterproof. So for all you geek heads out there like me, here are some of their technical features.

  • 100% polyester cationic
  • 100% polyurethane membrane/coating
  • Designed to keep you dry for four hours
  • Breathable
  • Laminated mesh keeps the material quiet when swinging
  • Waterproof Warranty

Where this product stands out is its price. The golf jacket and rain pants will set you back US $154.98. KJUS will cost you $948.

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Why It Performed Well

What I like about the Inesis RAINWEAR is that it’s lightweight, not a European fit but not a straight-up, straight-down. Freedom of movement is good in the jacket and pants. This isn’t a GORE-TEX waterproof jacket but for the price, it’s decent. The golf rain pants fit well and have side zippers which are long enough to get your shoe in and out without taking them off.

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Where Did It Finish In The Most Wanted Test?

The Inesis RAINWEAR suit finished with a 87.5 out of 100. For the price and the way it performed, it was outstanding. What I liked is that it is fully waterproof.

The overall cut is good, breathable, quiet which is perfect in wet conditions.

I would say the Inesis RAINWEAR is perfect for the golfer who wants to stay dry during summer showers. It doesn’t take up much room in the pockets when not in use.


Inesis RAINWEAR – More Information

You may find it hard to justify the price point of a Galvin Green, Sun Mountain or KJUS.

I get it.

Despite its limitations, Inesis is an affordable alternative.

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