The 2018 Valspar Championship will likely be remembered as that tournament that Tiger nearly won (Paul who?), but it also gave us a look at an unusual putter begot from PING’s PLD (Putting Lab Design) Program.

Whether you want to call it a prototype or a one-off, unusual is a reasonable preceding adjective for the PLD Mid Mallet Corey Conners bagged at the Valspar.


When most of us think PING putters, the first thing that comes to mind in the ubiquitous Anser. Despite creating that particular tradition, PING has never been afraid to experiment with different and sometimes strange shapes. Some, like the Doc 17 never quite went mainstream, while others (Ketsch) are all-world performers that developed a serious cult following.

The point is that PING doesn’t shy away from bringing unusual designs to retail, so it’s certainly possible that Corey’s PLD Mid Mallet could find its way to retail later this year.

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