• The new Precision Pro R1 rangefinder combines the functions of a laser, GPS and cell phone.
  • The R1 gives targeted yardages, plus front/middle/back GPS measurements.
  • New MYSLOPE™ feature incorporates environmental and swing data to give club suggestions during play.

The new Precision Pro R1 rangefinder may be the most technologically advanced rangefinder ever. At its core, the Precision Pro R1 is a laser rangefinder but once you pair it to the Precision Pro app on your smartphone, the R1 becomes a complex data-crunching machine.

Sure, lots of laser rangefinders can give you a slope-adjusted reading but how many will also adjust the yardage for air density, air pressure, altitude and wind? The data digested and delivered is substantial and it all starts with the R1’s MYSLOPE™ algorithm.


Unbiased. No Guesswork. All Major Brands. Matched To Your Swing. Advanced Golf Analytics matches the perfect clubs to your exact swing using connected data and machine learning.


MYSLOPE™ Functionality

Not content with just adjusting yardages for slope, the data analysts at Precision Pro have taken environmental measuring to the next level with MYSLOPE™. This proprietary algorithm taps into the endless streams of data provided by our smartphones. Once you load and launch the Precision Pro app, the MYSLOPE™ system will compile environmental data and give you a yardage that factors in the influences of slope, elevation, humidity and wind. You won’t even need to have your phone out as all the numbers are delivered directly into the viewfinder of the R1.

On top of this, the display will also feature front/middle/back of green yardages based upon GPS measurements. So, in the display, you have the yardage you shot with the laser, the adjusted laser value for environmental conditions and the GPS values. At that point, if you don’t hit the green, it’s not because you didn’t have a good number.

The crazy thing about the R1 is that the MYSLOPE™ information doesn’t stop there. Once you enter your personal swing data into the app, it will also suggest a club for you to hit. Granted, other golf apps also have similar functionality but the data you can enter into the Precision Pro app is unusually extensive. The app does feature a simple data entry mode but it really shines in its detailed data mode. In this mode, you can enter your launch angles, ball speeds, spin rates and so on, providing the digital caddie with even more data to integrate into its club recommendation.

Obviously, you will need to know these data points and take the time to enter them into the app. Once you do, though, you have a tool for truly personalized yardages.

Precision Pro R1 Pricing

One of the market separators for Precision Pro is their ability to deliver a high-quality laser rangefinder at a price below the competition. The Precision Pro lasers always score well in the MyGolfSpy Buyer’s Guides while costing much less than other units. That theme continues with the R1. At $319.99, it will become the most expensive rangefinder in the Precision Pro line. However, that price is well below similar units from competitors. The Bushnell Hybrid laser/GPS unit runs $399.99 and the Bushnell XE costs $550. Neither one of those units integrates all of the data that the R1 does.

The R1 will also come with Precision Pro’s standard 90-day money-back guarantee and lifetime free battery replacement.

Infinite Information

OK,  so maybe the Precision Pro R1 doesn’t provide infinite information but it definitely chews on unusually large bytes. For some players, this may sound like information overload. For others, it’s the level of detail they have been searching for. If you are looking for the most complete data story for your yardages, the Precision Pro R1 should check all your boxes. If you’ve ever wondered the quantitative effect of humidity on your golf ball, wonder no more.

You may be thinking, “that’s nice in theory but how does it really work?” We will have that answer for you in just a few days in our much-anticipated 2021 Rangefinder Buyer’s Guide.

Until then, dive deeper into the data digestion of the R1 and MYSLOPE™ at precisionprogolf.com.

R1 Smart Rangefinder

R1 Smart Rangefinder



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