Today we give you your first look at the new PXG One & Done putter. The PXG One & Done mallet is the second release in PXG’s Battle Ready Collection, reinforcing last month’s PXG Blackjack release. Like the Blackjack, the PXG One & Done features 100-percent milled multi-material construction, bold PXG styling and stability-promoting high MOI (moment of inertia) numbers.

But the real story of the PXG One & Done is alignment.

Specifications: PXG One & Done

  • Construction: 100-percent milled aerospace-grade aluminum and tungsten
  • Hosel: Four options (heel shafted, double bend, plumber’s and armlock)
  • Face: PXG’s Pyramid Face pattern milling
  • Length: 33”-36”
  • Loft: 3°
  • Lie: 70°
  • Grip: PXG Lamkin Sink Fit (SuperStroke grips also available)
  • Weight: 70-gram range based upon neck and sole weight configuration
  • Price: $395 for limited time, $525 normally


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PXG One & Done: Materials

PXG One and Done Putter

Like its Blackjack predecessor, the PXG One & Done features milled aerospace-grade aluminum and tungsten. This time around, the high-density tungsten is positioned low and rearward as opposed to the Blackjack’s predominantly perimeter placement. By placing a large portion of the putter’s mass toward the rear, PXG reports that the center of gravity has shifted back 0.58 inches. This shift is said to benefit “both swing and stability dynamics.”

The weight profile of the One & Done can be further customized by changing out the four weights located toward the face end of the putter. This arrangement is a bit different from the Blackjack where the weights were positioned in the corners. One of the things that this seems to allow you to do is to actually move the center of gravity a bit more toward the front by increasing the front weight percentage. It’s a tinkerer’s dream as you have a 70-gram range to play with and you can even create a heel/toe weight imbalance to see how it affects the gating of the putter. Yes, the weight kit will need to be purchased separately but, with the kit, you could dial in the One & Done to fit even the quirkiest strokes.

PXG One & Done: Four Neck Options

PXG One and Done Putter vs. Blackjack

As with the Blackjack, stroke fitting is also addressed through neck options. You can swing from a limited arc to a slight arc by moving from a double-bend neck to a plumber’s neck. The heel-shafted neck will promote the most arc. Here we are again, back to mallets that swing like blades in 2020. Should you roll an armlock, there is a neck for you as well.

The PXG One & Done Alignment Scheme

PXG One and Done Putter address

As I mentioned, the real story with the PXG One & Done is the alignment scheme. I’m definitely underselling it by saying that there is a lot going on at address here. You have lines on the fangs, a big circle, a line on the top edge and lots of subtle elements that whisper sweet nothings about the target line into your eyeballs.

You may need 23 and me to figure out the optical lineage of the PXG One & Done. Do you see any Odyssey #7 phenotypes? That’s what the fangs and the lines made me think of. That little bar of tungsten across the back is similar to the TaylorMade Spider S where its fangs have a similar bridge. I even see a bit of PING Fetch in there, though the “ball picking up ability” is a no go. Of course, the dominant gene expressed is the Odyssey 2-Ball-esq big ball in the center. Like I said, there is a lot going on at address but somehow it all works together.

Of course, the visual abundance at address could put off a blade player. However, those already living the mallet life should welcome the alignment scheme of the PXG One & Done. While I expected the elements to be distracting, they were not once I started rolling balls. You can actually pick your preferred aide from the aiming suite. I tended to ignore the ball and focus on the three lines but you could totally do the opposite and be ball focused. Overall, I found the alignment to be more business than busyness.

Are You Not Going to Mention the Name?

PXG One and Done Putter bottom

The PXG One & Done may win the prize for the most interesting name in the putter corral. Obviously, launching right after the election leads one to a certain conclusion about the origin of the name but it actually comes from putting, not politics.

“With alignment aids for putts at every distance and a deep CG position for outstanding stability, the new One & Done Putter is designed to help you seal the deal on the green. Drop it in with one stroke, and you’re done. The name says it all.”

-PXG Founder and CEO Bob Parsons

This is an excellent time to refresh the brain with the phrase “correlation is not causation.” Sure, this putter is dropping right after a president only serves one term but that is a likely a coincidence. I’d venture that manufacturing mandated that this putter be named months ago, long before the election results were known. Still, it does seem prophetic.

$395 for a Limited Time

PXG One and Done Putter head cover

Should you want to grab one of these, you can get one built to your specs by visiting or by calling 844.PLAY.PXG. Introductory price is $395, with the price going up to $525 after the introductory period ends.

$395 is a very competitive price for a fully milled, multi-material putter. Yes, I mentioned this when talking about PXG Blackjack but it’s worth repeating. This putter is less expensive than the milled Cameron or Odyssey/Toulon mallets. I know that the PXG brand has a history of selling amazingly expensive gear but that reputation is not valid for these putters.

If your relationship with PXG gear has consisted of immediately rejecting them because of price, it may be time to take another look, especially at the Battle Ready line of putters. Like some of you, I didn’t give PXG much of a look because the price was not accessible for me. Things have changed. Sure, you can still pay $650 for a milled wedge but all of their drivers are currently less than $400. My once-fanaticized-about 0211 irons have dropped from $225 a club to $89. These putters (and those sexy irons) are no longer the priciest present at the party.

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