The only reliable way to know exactly how far each of your irons goes is by using a portable launch monitor and analyzing the data it provides.

Data is good but consistently accurate data is more powerful so the real question is “which launch monitors are accurate?”

We have that answer and more in our 2022 personal launch monitor test.

You might be surprised to know that we found the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is up there with the most accurate PLMs on the market.

Rapsodo has performed well year after year in the golf launch monitor category. Even though Rapsodo offers just a couple of data metrics, it makes up for that with video playback analysis, worldwide competitions and session insights.

And now they’ve introduced “Combines”: A new way to practice incorporating an evaluation of your overall ability in 20 minutes or less.

Rapsodo Combines


The Rapsodo Combines is only available to premium subscribers.

Premium subscribers can identify their performance strengths and weaknesses. Once you’ve competed a 24-shot session, the Rapsodo Combines provides advanced insights into what you should adjust in order to progress and shoot lower scores.

Players can choose between two Combines to test their ability: Rapsodo Suggested Distance or Rapsodo Custom Distances.

The Rapsodo Suggested Distances is designed for the golfer who doesn’t practice certain yardages very often. Like that dreaded 60 yard shot. This will help the golfer fill in the gaps where they could be losing strokes on the golf course. It also provides ball speed and measures carry distance for every shot.

Personal Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo Custom Distances option gives the player power and control over their targets in areas where they think they might struggle. These areas might be the following:

  • Average proximity (feet) from the target for each shot hit  
  • Dispersion circle of each shot hit (lateral and distance)
  • Average driving distance and distance away from center line 
  • Score for each target and drive on a scale of 0-100 
  • Combine score for your session performance  


Unbiased. No Guesswork. All Major Brands. Matched To Your Swing. Advanced Golf Analytics matches the perfect clubs to your exact swing using connected data and machine learning.


For either Combine, players will hit 24 shots—eight each to three different locations. Every Combine starts with two approach targets and concludes with a driving target, all with Shot Tracer.

What I like about the Combines is how you get to test your entire game while seeing where you stack up against other golfers. This provides perspective and allows you to target areas where your game needs that extra attention.

Once you have completed either Combine, you will receive a score out of 100 for each target as well as a handicap that represents your skill level during the session.

Golf launch monitor


I like how easily the Rapsodo Combines performed. You set up the Rapsodo and try to hit the numbers it suggested or whatever you programmed in. It’s that simple. Once you complete the session, the app will spit out a score out of a 100 and tell you what handicap you played to.

The handicap is calculated via millions of data points which the Rapsodo’s Doppler radar has collected over the years. In my experience, the Rapsodo Combines is fairly accurate when suggesting the handicap you’re playing to.

From there, the Rapsodo Combines provides visuals that are easy to interpret. It’s a love-hate relationship. I love that the Combine shows circles around your data set for driver, irons and wedges but I hate when it shows you how bad your game really is.

What I like best about the Rapsodo Combines is the target zone. Once you complete your session, the app will provide a “bullseye” visual for you to dissect. You can then go into more depth by clicking on the outliers and see why that shot ended up where it did.

Rapsodo MLM


If you already own a Rapsodo MLM golf simulator with a premium subscription ($99.99 a year), there is no additional cost for the Combines. But those who don’t have the subscription might be asking if it’s it worth it.

In my opinion, absolutely.

The Rapsodo Combines provides great feedback about your game in simple, easy-to-understand visuals and terms. You can certainly improve while enjoying practicing because of how addictive the Rapsodo Combine is. The closest product that I found this addictive was the PuttOUT Pressure Trainer.

I can’t promise you will become a professional golfer after using the Combines package. But you will improve if you focus and have fun. The No. 1 reason many golfers hate practicing is that it seems like work. The Rapsodo Combines practice doesn’t feel like that.

The only downside is the limited amount of data and that it’s compatible with IOS devices only, not Android.

Rapsodo Subscription


Those who don’t have a subscription mode for the Rapsodo Combine can upgrade today.

Additionally, Rapsodo is offering a $30 discount off the MLM and Subscription Bundle for new consumers ($569.98).

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