Did your wallet survive the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping weekend? If you are a follower of all things Club Cameron, I hope so because the crown prince of putters has something new for you, and it’s being announced just in time for the holidays. Unlike the MyGirl and Holiday putters. This one isn’t limited edition. Breaking with tradition, Scotty is also rolling out a new production model.

That for the masses putter is the Phantom X 12.5.

Now some of you may be thinking that how can the Phantom X 12.5 be new if we already saw the Phantom X 12 released last April? The core of your question is reasonable. Nine Phantom X models were released last April. The missing detail here is the extra .5, and it turns out 1/2 = 1 new model, making the 12.5 the 10th in the Phantom X series.

Are we all clear now?

Bottom line, the Phantom X 12.5 is an extension of the Phantom X line, not an entirely new offering. However, you’ll see that this Phantom X is a little different from its brethren.

Mr. Yellow Has Been Murdered!

The first thing that you’ll likely notice about the Phantom x 12.5 is that the alignment scheme is cleaner. It no longer features the potentially polarizing dual yellow lines on top. Gone too are the milled tour dots. Instead, you’ll be aiming your putt with a single line that extends the length of the putter. The black paint fill nearly blends it into the black body.

The new alignment scheme is likely more palatable to the putter purchasing masses, although one does wonder if the black on black design is almost too subtle. For me, the black on black scheme in the 2012-2013 Cameron Select line was a bit of a miss aesthetically, but I do see lots of folks gaming those models, so what do I know. It’s a Cameron, so it will sell.

The Arrival of the 0.5

The feature that I am most excited about with the Phantom X 12.5 putter is the low-bend shaft that is responsible for the .5 numbering. Scotty Cameron has used this numbering scheme for years, with the .5 numbers indicating increased toe hang. Think Newport 2 vs. Newport 2.5. The Newport 2 has a traditional plumbers neck, and the Newport 2.5 has a more toe enabling flow neck. With the mallets, Cameron will occasionally produce flow necks, but most of the time, we see arc increases due to shaft band position.

The low bend of the Phantom X 12.5 should fit a stronger arc stroke when compared to the more traditional shaft bend found in the Phantom X12.


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And Baby Makes Ten

When the original nine Phantom X putters released, I found it a bit odd that the 12 didn’t have a 12.5 sibling, but now with this new release, the Phantom X family is complete. While the color scheme and the neck bend may be different, this is still a Phantom X. As such, you will still find the multi-material aluminum and steel design, the customizable heel and toe weights, and the very comfortable Pistolero Plus grip.

If you have a fever for this new Phantom, and $429, you’ll be able to grab one of these in North American shops on December 12th, available worldwide February 14, 2020