Twenty-two years ago, Scotty Cameron crafted a putter showcasing a domino pattern of 32 distinct white dots in the cavity and a copper-colored Terrylium insert.

Putter aficionados would come to know the unmistakable Scotty Cameron Newport TeI3 as the flatstick Tiger Woods gamed in route to winning the 1997 Masters, a victory which served as its own line of demarcation in the history of the golf. When barriers are broken, and records are set, the tools used to accomplish such feats often become immortalized and become almost synonymous with the user – which is particularly true for arguably the most personal club in a golfer’s bag.  Tiger’s “Scotty” is Bobby Jones “Calamity Jane” and Judge Smailes “Billy Baroo” though it’s reasonable to think that no single player has had a greater economic impact on the putter industry (or a single putter brand) than Tiger.

1997 was a seminal moment for Scotty Cameron, and though Tiger would go on to win 14 more majors (and counting) using a GSS Newport 2 model, there’s always something special about your first. Go with that wherever it leads you.


For 2019, Cameron is taking what was once old and making it new again. The Cameron T22 assemblage includes modernized versions of the Newport and Newport 2 models as well as the addition of a TeI3 Fastback 1.5, and all expectations are the limited release is going to sell as many pieces as Cameron is willing to release into the market. Even with a MAP of $599, Cameron enthusiasts are sure to flock to the registers like kids to the neighborhood ice cream truck – something I know a thing or two about.


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Adjustable heel-toe sole weights give golfers some latitude to dial in swingweight but because the overarching point is a re-release which looks nearly identical to the original TeI3 Newport/Newport 2 putters, each model is milled from 303 stainless steel and finished in a “tactical matte black” to sit in contrast to the white domino pattern of 32 dots in the cavity. The dots are produced by the white elastomer membrane which surrounds the Teryllium insert.

Additionally, Cameron marketing materials point to an “updated Teryllium inlay construction and improved elastomer vibration dampening membrane but stops short of specifying what the exact updates are or providing discrete examples of improvements. Because both the insert and elastomer membrane are features which impact feel, it’s reasonable to think advancements center on more precise manufacturing processes rather than uniform changes in materials.

To be clear, Teryllium/Tei3 isn’t found on the Periodic Table, nor will you find references to it by other putter makers. It’s an “alloy of 12 metals backed by an elastomer membrane” which “produces the softest feel in the Cameron line” and is trademarked by Scotty Cameron as such.

The primary purpose of face inserts (as opposed to grooves or changes in face texture) is to alter the feel at impact without changing the material construction of the entire putter.


The Newport was Tiger’s gamer in 1997, and if there’s TeI3 template, this is it. The primary difference between it and the Newport 2 is the look at the address. As is the case throughout the Cameron lineup, the Newport has more rounded features and softer bumpers, whereas the Newport 2 is sharper in appearance with a flatter topline and more angular elements.

The Teryllium T22 Fastback 1.5 borrows the overall footprint and thinner topline from the Fastback 1.5 Studio Select and incorporates a mini-slant neck and improved four-way sole balancing for a square setup.

As per Scotty Cameron tradition, each Teryllium T22 putter features a custom Limited Release Teryllium headcover and shaft band as well as a new black Pistolini Plus grip with copper paintfill and a thicker, less tapered low hand.

No doubt the history of Scotty Cameron and Tiger Woods are forever intertwined, and for as much as we tout performance over marketing, there’s the competing reality that there will always be products on the market which play to an emotional appeal, of which nostalgia might be the strongest. I mean, who doesn’t want to be 22-years younger?

What’s old might be new again, but has Scotty improved on the original?


All T22 series putters will be available beginning August 16th with pricing set at $599 (MAP).

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