• Vista Pro is Fujikura’s #1 clubfitter line.
  • It provides golfers with an affordable aftermarket option.
  • MSRP is $125 – Woods, $55 – Hybrids, and $50- Irons

a photo of Fujikura Vista Pro Shafts
Launched in 1999, Fujikura describes the original Vista Pro shaft lineup as the “first true fitting shaft in North America.” That first Vista Pro was a flighted lineup available in weights from 50 to 90 grams.

If you’re not familiar with the term flighted, it means the launch characteristics of the shaft change with the weight. In the case of the Vista Pro, as the shafts increase in weight, the profiles transition from high-launch in the lightweight versions to mid-launch in the heavier models. Fujikura’s objective was to offer its fitters robust fitting options while maintaining a consistent feel and cosmetics throughout the lineup.

The New Fujikura Vista Pro

All of that’s still true with the current Vista Pro offering though Fuji has jettisoned the really heavy stuff in favor of lighter offerings. As technology has improved, there really isn’t much need to fit an average golfer into a 90-gram driver shaft. On the other end, slower swing speed golfers, in particular, can benefit from the 45-gram option.

In addition to driver shafts, the new Vista Pro lineup includes hybrid shafts (40-, 50, 50 and 70- HB options) and irons (40-70 grams).

Over the years, Vista Pro has grown to become Fujikura’s No. 1 club fitter lineup. Factoring in all models, Vista Pro is Fujikura’s highest-volume product (though Ventus is gaining ground). Perhaps most surprisingly, the most popular SKU in the lineup is the 50-gram iron shaft in R2 (soft regular) flex.

The success of the Vista Pro iron shaft can be traced at least in part to Fujikura’s HDCC (high-density composite core) technology. As the name suggests, additional high-density material is strategically placed at the tip of the shaft which allows builders to hit swing weights in the C9 to D0 range with a 40-gram shaft.

An Affordable Aftermarket Option

The new Vista Pro is the first update – it’s perhaps more accurate to say re-engineering – of the line since 2016. A good bit of what’s always been true with Vista Pro remains so. It’s still a full line, it’s still flighted, it’s still a clubmaker exclusive and, most importantly for average golfers, it’s still affordably priced.

Fujikura sees Vista Pro as an opportunity for golfers who’ve never played anything other than a stock shaft to experience the benefits of fitting and an aftermarket shaft without having to spend an arm and a leg (and a kidney).

The lineup occupies the sensible space between the price-driven OEM-grade stuff found in most off-the-rack golf clubs and the exotic stuff that often runs $350 or more.

a photo of Fujikura Vista Pro Shafts

Vista Pro Technology

The new Vista Pro was built on lessons learned through Fujikura’s proprietary ENSO system and, to an extent, its experience in designing products like Ventus. The materials aren’t the same as you’d find in Ventus (part of the goal here is to avoid the $350 sticker price) but the construction is similar. By replacing smaller pieces of composite with stronger, full-length materials, Fujikura was able to maintain some of the tighter dispersion properties of Ventus at a significantly lower cost.

As part of the redesign, Fujikura softened the handle section, stiffened the middle portion of the shaft and smoothed the transition between the mid and tip sections. The launch and spin properties are all but unchanged from the previous version but most golfers should find the new shafts offer improved stability (tighter dispersion) and better feel.

Because looks matter (and the old design was starting to look dated), Fujikura has refined the cosmetics. The new models leverage Fujikura’s proprietary Phantium Finish (a lightweight paint that saves up to six grams of weight). The gloss black with red, white and silver design looks more premium than the price tag might suggest.

The Fujikura Vista Pro driver shaft retails for $125 and hybrid shafts for $55. Vista Pro iron shafts are $50 each.

For more information, visit Fujikuragolf.com.

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