japanese golf clubs

Japanese Golf Designs  (vs)  United States Golf Designs

Today I want to explore a ’secret’ to many US golfers, that secret is the Japanese golf industry and Japanese golf club designs.   During the following weeks I will be bringing you pictures and stories about an industry that many never knew existed.  And you will be amazed at what they are producing over there I guarantee!

Many of the clubs that make it to the US and become some of the biggest hits in golf (ex: Nike Sumo) actually get released in Japan first.  It is a great testing ground and, because the US market and Japanese Market are totally different.  The majority of their designs are higher quality and also much higher priced and I mean much higher priced $$!  You think your $400 new driver is expensive, you won’t think so after seeing that they sometimes pay $900-$1200 for a driver.  I have seen 1 wedge over there go for more then $450 and Irons for more then $3000!  And you have probably never heard or seen any of these clubs before.  But…in the coming months MyGolfSpy will be giving you a sneek peek into this market and getting you pictures of some of the baddest design in the world. 


Why is there Such A Difference? 

You might be wondering why is there such a difference between the two markets…well look no further then the two cultures themselves.  We have a much faster pace…give me the best for the cheapest mentality here in the US.  Over there it is much different.  They want the best quality possible and they are willing to pay for it.  Thats why some of the biggest hits over here are flops over there.  They consider it junk.

japanese_golf_clubs2.jpgThere are about 3 foundries in Japan that pump out the best equipment in the world….yes better then what we get here in the states too.  And most of the pros play forgings from those foundries.  That means that the clubs that they play are NOT the same ones you buy in the store.  They look the same but they are different.  Where most of ours are cast theirs are forged and where some of ours are forged theirs are forged in a better facility that is not as concerned with pumping out the quickest and cheapest product possible.


I will be covering many areas of the Japanese Golf Industry in the coming days at so be sure to check back. Get ready to see some of the coolest designs you have ever seen!