Now THIS is How You Read A Green!

The "Laser Golf Pin" Concept

The Concept: The Laser Pin would be a training tool and possibly used by all golf courses as an optional assistance for recreational golfers. Powered by solar panels, Laser Pin would project laser contours onto the green, allowing the golfer to accurately read the lie and ideal path of their putt.

I don't see a lot of downsides to this technology...might slow play down a little...actually it might speed some of these guys up. We all play with a guy that reads a putt from 42 different angles and still has a 3.14 Putting Avg. I think this would be a great feature for beginners and even for tournaments. It would also be a great training device to help improve your skill on how to properly read greens. This would be great to teach not only juniors but even highly skilled golfers on how to properly read a green. I think this idea might actually spread like wildfire!

Gives Your Opinion...(Pros & Cons)

There are always some great comments by you guys. I am always amazed at some of the ideas and critiques you fellas come up with. What do you think about this latest idea we uncovered?

The Laser Golf Pin
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